Garage Conversions and Remodel in Temple City, CA 91007

Are you looking for someone to do garage conversions for you in Temple City, CA? You can stop your search. Cavalier Builders in Woodland Hills, CA, can help. Our team of general contractors is experienced and knowledgeable about their job. You will be pleasantly pleased with your results. 

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When you are on the hunt for someone to do garage conversions, there are some things you need to consider. Make sure that the company that you hire is experienced first of all. Then you want to check that they are licensed, bonded, and insured. This is a bonus that is there for your benefit. Some ideas that you can do with garage space are:

  • Home Office or Gym
  • Movie Room or Game Room
  • Teen Hang Out or Toy Room for Small Kids
  • Craft Room and More


When planning out your garage conversion and remodeling budget and timing, think about the added costs. Not all garages are already equipped with electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC units. We can help you with all the details and assistance in knowing what permits and documents you need to be signed.

Let Us Help You In Temple City, CA 91007

This city in Los Angeles County sits at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains. The size of this city is moderately populated, with around 36,000 people. Temple City, CA, is known as a great place to live and a wonderful community. 

Cavalier Builders is honored to be the general contracting company trusted by the residents of Temple, City. We love helping the people of this community, and surrounding areas.

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If you are in Temple City, CA, call Cavalier Builders now. We are located in Woodland, Hills, CA, and provide our services in the surrounding communities. Call us today for answers to your questions and to schedule an appointment. 

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