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Do your kids need a place to hang out? Or do you need a home office? If all the space in your home is taken up, think about a garage conversion. Cavalier Builders is an experienced contracting company in the Woodland Hills, CA area that can help you with these changes. 

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At Cavalier Builders, we know that it can be hard to find a company that you trust. This is a big job that you want to be done the right way. Our team can provide you with excellent customer service, high-quality work, and advice on your project.

When it comes to getting a permit for a garage conversion in California, there are some specific details that are involved. If you are unsure if you meet all the needed areas, we can help. One of our team members can come and assess the property for you. 

Advantages of Hiring A Professional For Your Garage Conversion

Hiring a professional for your garage conversion offers several advantages compared to attempting a DIY project. Professionals have the necessary expertise and experience to handle all aspects of the conversion, including obtaining permits and complying with building codes. They can provide valuable advice and guidance throughout the process, ensuring that the project is done correctly and efficiently. Additionally, professionals have access to specialized tools and materials, which can result in higher quality workmanship and a more polished finished product. 

By hiring a professional, you also save yourself the time and stress of coordinating and managing the project on your own. Furthermore, professionals often have established relationships with suppliers and subcontractors, which can lead to cost savings and faster project completion. Ultimately, entrusting your garage conversion to a professional ensures that the job is done right, giving you peace of mind and a space that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Garage Remodeling And Conversions

Deciding to remodel or convert your garage is an exciting process that can reap big rewards for you and your family. Providing an extra space in your home or serving as an additional source of income if you rent it out typically leads to bigger and better things for homeowners. At Cavalier Builders, we believe in empowering our clients with information and support to make the best decisions for themselves and their homes. 

Below, we will answer a couple of the more commonly received questions from our clients when gearing up for a project like this. If you have additional questions, please reach out, and we will gladly provide you with the information and assistance you need. 

Is A Garage Conversion Worth It?

When a home is sold, an upscale garage conversion typically yields an 80% return on investment (ROI). But whether it’s worthwhile to turn a garage into a living area ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and finances. The time and effort it would take to complete a project like this might not be worthwhile if you have a small family and don’t need the additional space. However, converting the garage may benefit bigger families that want to make the most of overlooked and unused space around the home. 

For a free estimate and in-home design consultation with one of our friendly and professional associates, contact Cavalier Builders today. We will provide honest suggestions and solutions regarding your home, budget, and the results you wish to achieve upon project completion. Call us now.

Do I Need A Permit To Convert My Garage Into A Spare Room?

Yes, a garage conversion typically will require a permit before the project can start and complete. Also known and referred to as an ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit), requirements for ADU permits may vary so you need to check the zoning laws and local regulations of your area. Such laws and regulations may simply establish the basics of a project like this concerning size and other necessary factors involving the build. However, there are some areas where builds such as this are completely prohibited and could bring your entire project to a quick halt, so it is important to know in advance. 

General contractors are extremely useful for projects such as this because they will have first-hand knowledge of the required permits needed. Not only will they be experienced in what permits are needed, but they may also have experience with attaining them, speeding up the process, and allowing work on your conversion to progress sooner rather than later. 

We Offer Garage Remodels in Calabasas Highlands, CA

Calabasas Highlands is an average-sized city in Los Angeles County. Their population is around 24,000 people. It is located in the northwest Santa Monica Mountains and has been called home to many famous individuals. We love that we are able to extend our services into this great community. It is a wonderful area to work in and enjoy. 

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