Garage Conversion and Remodel in Monte Nido, CA 91302

Do you need a general contractor for garage conversions or remodeling at your home? When you are hiring a company, it is essential to do your research. You want a reputable and trustworthy company. Cavalier Builders is a well-known contracting company that has been in business for over a decade.  

Garage Conversions and Remodeling Services

Have you been searching for a way to add needed space to your home? It is not always feasible to make that happen in your price range. When it comes to additions being built, it requires foundation work, which drives the overall cost up even higher. 

When remodeling or converting your garage, the foundation is already there. A general contractor can help you make the best financial option for your budget. You will need permits and papers to be signed to begin this project. Once that part is done, the work can begin. Some things that will need to be done to a garage are:

  • Running Electrical Wires
  • Installing Flooring
  • Isntalling Walls
  • Putting In Heating and Air
  • Adding Plumbing

Monte Nido, CA 91302 Is Beautiful

Monte Nido, CA, is a community located in Los Angeles county. This is a great location to reside in. The small community has a population of around 26,700 residents. You are only minutes away from Malibu. 

Monte Nido is a fun and unique city that offers a great deal of charm. Cavalier Builders loves providing services for the residents of this city. There are many options of art, nature, and more to experience. 

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Cavalier Builders is located in Woodland Hills, CA, and provides services in the surrounding communities such as San Marino or Thousand Oaks. We have helped many homeowners transform their garages into the spaces they have been needing. Call today and let us give you information about our services. 

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