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Are you looking to do a garage conversion at your Inglewood, CA home? Cavalier Builders is a contracting company located in the Woodland Hills, CA area. We have been a family-owned business since 1999 and love the community that we serve. If you are ready to begin your remodeling journey, our guys can help.

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Garage conversions are a fun transition to make. This space can become almost anything that you want it to be. Some popular conversions and remodeling that people do are:

  • Create A Workout Room 
  • Make A Home Office
  • Design A Teen Hangout
  • Make A Playroom For Kids
  • Create A Movie Room
  • Make A Guest House
  • Design Garage Apartment

The contractors that work for Cavalier Builders are licensed, bonded, and insured. We make sure that our guys have the experience that it takes to give you what you are looking for. When we come to your home to convert your garage space, we will make sure it is to your satisfaction before we leave.  

We Love Working In Inglewood, CA 90301

Numerous landmarks in Inglewood serve as reminders of the city’s rich cultural past. From Elvis Presley to Kendrick Lamar, some of the biggest names in music have performed at the legendary Forum. Along with many popular entertainment venues, Inglewood is also home to the Hollywood Park Casino, which has a variety of table games, slot machines, and poker rooms. 

Cavalier Builders takes great pride in serving Inglewood, CA’s diverse and beautiful community. We also proudly serve many neighboring areas, including Glendale, La Mirada, and Monterey Park.

Commonly Asked Questions About Garage Remodels And Conversions

Planning any kind of home improvement project can bring with it a lot of questions. Having the right information from an experienced and valuable source can make all of the difference in your remodel and conversion process and outcome. That’s why at Cavalier Builders, we like to empower our clients with good intel and insight to make the best decision for their families and their homes. Below, we have answered a few of the commonly asked questions homeowners have when gearing up for a conversion. If you have further questions, please contact us, and we will gladly discuss them with you. 

What Is A Double Garage Conversion?

As the name implies, a double garage conversion is when a home has a garage that is double the size of a typical garage and has the available space converted to meet the needs of the homeowner. Much like a partial garage conversion, in which half of the available space is converted and then separated by a partial wall, the same would apply to your home’s double garage conversion. Half of the space would be converted, leaving the other half for storing your vehicle, sports equipment, holiday decorations, or any other use you need. 

At Cavalier Builders, we are masters of the art of home transformations and would like to sit down with you and discuss your goals for your home. We offer free in-home design consultations and estimates to ensure that you get exactly what you dream of without paying extra or experiencing any surprises. For fair, friendly, and professional results that you can depend on, call us at Cavalier Builders today. 

Do I Have To Convert The Entire Garage Area If I Have A Double Garage?

No, you do not have to convert both halves of your double garage. In fact, a popular conversion for many homeowners with double garages is only to convert one half while leaving the other for storage or for other typical garage uses. This is very beneficial for the homeowner since they will preserve some of the original space for themselves to utilize as they wish while also converting the second half into an additional living space, office space, etc. 

For garage space conversion suggestions and honest solutions to your home’s growing need for space, contact Cavalier Builders today! We have years of industrial experience and friendly customer dedication that we would love to share with you. Our builders are exceptionally skilled and deliver stunning results daily, reflecting their talent and commitment to quality on every job. Contact us now!

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