Garage Conversion and Remodel in Arcadia

Are you thinking about converting your garage into some extra living space? Not exactly sure what you want or where to start? Let the team at Cavalier Builders help you. We are a team of dedicated contractors who can turn that drab garage into your dream space. We would love to meet you and go over your ideas for your home.

Garage Conversion Possibilities

One of the many services that Cavalier Builders’ contractors can help you with is garage conversions. The entire family can benefit from a home transformation project like this. For complete satisfaction and results that you can rely on, you should work with a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor. This ensures the quality of your conversion and peace of mind during and after the project has been completed. Here are some of the dependable services that we provide in your area:

  • Roofing installations and repairs
  • Interior and exterior paint
  • Patio and deck installations or repairs
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Bathroom remodels
  • Room additions
  • Garage conversions

For a more in-depth review of all the services we provide or to schedule your next project, contact one of our helpful team members today! We would be thrilled to be a part of your next improvement project and to provide you with a free pricing quote and design consultation. Contact us now so we can meet with you and get started on making your home bigger, better, and more beautiful for you and your family. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Garage Remodels And Conversions

Below, we will discuss some of the more frequently asked questions homeowners have when considering a garage conversion project. 

Will I Need A Permit For My Garage Conversion?

The answer to this question is yes. Almost all conversions require a building permit. While you can apply for the permit yourself, when working with an architect or contractor, they usually submit the application. This can be extremely beneficial for homeowners because contractors will typically be more experienced in this type of process if they have gone through it before and can handle it from start to finish much quicker than if you try to handle obtaining the permit alone. Approval can be as quick as a couple of weeks or stretch into a few months, so having an experienced ally is better. 

Our builders are highly experienced at Cavalier Builders since they perform tasks and complete projects like this daily. With us on your team and helping you design and complete your dream, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you will get exactly what you are paying for. Contact us today for more information. 

Can I Make An Unauthorized Garage Conversion Legal?

Absolutely, but you’ll also need to pay for the required construction, produce building plans, and bring the ADU up to code. It takes a significant amount of time, effort, and money to legalize an unpermitted ADU, but, in the end, many homeowners find the investment worth it. 

When an unauthorized ADU is made legal, it becomes an officially recognized part of your property and thus raises the value of your home. You can also lawfully rent out your ADU to a tenant and collect rent once it has been legalized. Don’t forget to inform your insurance agent that the property coverage must be updated to include your new, legally permitted ADU.

Proudly Serving The Community Of Arcadia CA

Beautiful neighborhoods, welcoming residents, and a “community of homes” atmosphere are what Arcadia is famous for. Arcadia stays faithful to its “Community of Homes” motto by preserving a harmonious balance of residential nature and greenery mixed with economic development that blends nicely. Residents of the Arcadian community are extremely proud of their city and do not take its wonderful qualities for granted, placing immense emphasis on preserving the area’s green spaces. 

Often referred to as a jewel among the southern California communities, Cavalier Builders takes great pride in providing our quality services to Arcadia, CA. We also proudly provide our quality contractor services to many surrounding communities that include Avalon, Bell Gardens, and Cahuenga Pass. Please contact us now for a complete listing of the areas we service and what we can provide you with.

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If you are in the Arcadia area, or one of the surrounding areas like Burbank and Hawthorne, give the team at Cavalier Builders a call today if you are thinking about converting your garage into more living space. Our team is here to help you with the entire process, from start to finish. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

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