5 Reasons Why You Should Convert Your Garage Into A Spare Room

5 Reasons Why You Should Convert Your Garage Into A Spare Room

February 15, 2020

Do you have a garage that is just taking up space, you never use it, or maybe you don’t even have a car? If your garage is not being utilized to its highest potential why not convert it into a spare bedroom? 

Cavalier Builders has done a number of garage door conversions. Here are five reasons you should convert your garage into a spare room.

1. To Create a Space For Guest convert your garage into a spare room

If you have a lot of family or friends that need a place for them to sleep while they’re with you creating a space for them is a great idea. Not only will your guest feel more welcome and comfortable in your home but the space can double as an office, workout room, or quiet space in their absence. Just think of the comfort level your guests will feel having their own place to sleep.

No more tiptoeing through the living room trying not too wake up sleeping guests all over your sofa and carpet. Air mattresses taking up regular living space will be a thing of the past since you will have a standard bed in your new guest room. Comfort is key and converting your garage into a guest room offers comfort to out of town friends and family as well as the family living in your home.

2. You Can Use It As a Rental 

With a little bit of investment, you can turn your garage into a consistent money-making space. Just think of the opportunities you can have bringing in consistent extra money. Whether you use it as a vacation rental or an ongoing room for rent for a student or young professional a spare room in your garage is a money maker. Creating a separate room with an entrance is much more enticing for a renter than trying to rent a room inside your home with no privacy.

Your rental income can help pay down your mortgage payments, save money for college, or simply be spending money. The possibilities are endless when you convert your garage into a spare room used as a rental space. Make sure your area is zoned for what you want to do so you do not violate any codes. 

3. You Need More Space In General

Do you work out in your living space or have a hobby that is taking over the dining room? We all know how it is, whether it is a growing family or just lifestyle changes that force you to make do with the space you have. 

Your family can have space to play games together or you can use your garage as an exercise room, or even something as simple as extra storage space. Whether your family has grown out of your home or aging parents need a place to stay a garage conversion is a wonderful way to modify your home.

5. Practicality

Suppose you want to add an addition to your home but you’re finding the logistics hard. Some homes just don’t have the needed space to add on to a home. Some HOA’s will not even permit you to add onto your home in order to keep the aesthetics of the neighborhood intact. 

Building codes can also affect your decision to add a separate room onto your home. In the end, you can almost always convert an existing space into a new one, making it much more practical.

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