5 Reasons To Install A Walk In Tub

5 Reasons To Install A Walk In Tub

June 7, 2020

Over time, our bodies begin to decline in certain functions and abilities. For the older population, this may mean not being as steady on their feet or not being able to balance well. Despite these issues, we want to ensure that our elderly friends and family can maintain a sense of independence while keeping them safe. 

One of the best tools to allow them to do so is by installing a walk-in tub. But, it’s not only beneficial for the elderly, everyone can benefit from this type of tub, including young children and the disabled. Below are just a few reasons you should consider a walk-in bathtub for your home.

Providing Safety

From a safety perspective, a walk-in tub is ideal for the aging population, disabled, and young children. Slips and falls are very common in bathrooms, but with this type of tub, individuals can easily walk in and out without risk. 

Many are built with safety bars to grasp when maneuvering, as well as non-slip surfaces and even benches, to sit while bathing. With all of these safety features, chances of falling and causing severe injury are quite slim, providing comfort for the individual and entire family.

Offering Relaxation

These tubs are also great because of the relaxation aspect they provide. The door seals completely, allowing for a proper and luxurious bathing experience for anyone, regardless of age or health status. Furthermore, many of these tubs are equipped with air and water jets that can provide a massage and spa-like treatment within the home, perfect for revitalizing the body. 

Allowing Independence

Another great quality of a walk-in tub is the independence it provides for those who are not typically able-bodied. Bathing in the aging or disabled population can be embarrassing and overwhelming, especially when help is required. 

However, having a bathtub with a door that provides easy access and is wheelchair accessible, changes everything. Individuals are able to continue bathing on their own and can retain a sense of privacy, dignity, and even confidence.

Providing Health Benefits

As mentioned, many walk-in tubs are equipped with several jets that allow for hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy has several great benefits, including the following:

  • Relieving pain, fatigue, tension, swelling, and aching muscles
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Boosting immunity
  • Easing the discomfort of those with arthritis and joint problems
  • Helping with depression and improving one’s mood and mental state
  • Improving overall health 

So, why spend money on this type of treatment, when you can access it right in the comfort of your own home?


If you have ever seen a walk-in tub, you’ve probably assumed the cost of installing one is astronomical. The reality is, however, that they are quite affordable and come in a style that will fit almost any bathroom. 

Installation is easy and, most of the time takes as little as one day to do so. Furthermore, they add value to your home and could even prevent having to hire outside help to assist in bathing family members who are not able-bodied.

Update Your Bathroom Today!

So if you have been considering updating your bathroom with a walk-in tub, or would like one for a family member, give Cavalier Builders Inc. a call! We are a family-owned and operated business that understands the desire to protect and care for the ones you love and we’d appreciate the opportunity to show how we can help you do that. 

With the safety and independence this tub provides, it seems like a no brainer. We will work with you to find the right fit and style to match your home perfectly. So call today to discuss your options for your new bathtub and to schedule your install today!

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