5 Pros and Cons of Cabinet Refacing in Los Angeles, CA

5 Pros and Cons of Cabinet Refacing in Los Angeles, CA

March 23, 2020

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen? Trying to figure out where to start and how to maximize your dollar amount? The best place to start in your kitchen is with those cabinets you’ve been staring at. Have you ever thought about refacing them? 

Here at Cavalier Builders, we offer cabinet refacing in Los Angeles, CA. We’re proud to help our customers with the kitchen re-designs they want. Here are a few things to think about before getting this service. 

Cons of Refacing Cabinets

Before you reface your cabinets, there are several questions to ask yourself. Here are the top things you need to answer:

The Layout of Your Kitchen

If your answer is no, I wouldn’t suggest refacing your cabinets. Refacing your cabinets doesn’t give you the liberty to add more cabinets or make your cabinet space bigger. You pretty much are just going to upgrade the cabinets you already have. 

Overall Shape of Your Cabinets

Little nicks and scratches here and there aren’t a problem. But, if your current structure to your cabinets is falling apart or not holding together I don’t recommend this process. You have to have an overall good structure for your existing cabinets.

Inside Your Cabinets

Refacing your cabinets will help the outside esthetics of them, but what about the inside? Just that, it stays the same. If you aren’t liking the color or such of the cabinets you’re still going to have that same color scheme inside still.

DIY Options

DIY, does that sound like you? Refacing kitchen cabinets is not something that the DIYer should do. There are so many things you can look up online and learn to do yourself. Refacing cabinets is really something that a trained professional should do. Sure, replacing the hinges, pulls, and doors are simple. But, when it comes to doing the veneering, sticking with the professionals is best.

Other Options 

When you are choosing to reface your cabinets, you are limited to your options. There are around three different options when it comes to refacing. So you are not going to have as wide of a variety when it comes to choosing your style. Which it could be a blessing in disguise if you have a hard time making decisions. 

Pros of Refacing Cabinets

Getting those cons out of the way first lets us focus on the pros of this project. I mean, let’s face it the whole reason you are researching this is that you are wanting to reface those cabinets. So now let’s explore all the pros of why you should do just that.

The Full Process

The process of refacing your cabinets is far less invasive than replacing them. Where refacing them may take an average of 2-5 days to finish, replacing them will take much longer. You have to factor in all the ordering and shipping times for new cabinets plus installation. You won’t have all the chaos and project time messing up your kitchen for nearly as long.

Make a Simple Change

You can change the look of your kitchen so much with just a simple process. It really is amazing at how big of a difference it can make in a kitchen with just refacing the cabinets. You can easily take those dull worn out cabinets and make them look brand new again. 

Consider the Budget

If your cabinets are in good condition and still have good structure, going this route really could save you some money. You can easily reface your cabinets for half the cost of doing a full remodel of the kitchen and replacing the cabinets. So to stick to a strict budget, refacing is the way to go. There can be many hidden costs doing a full gut of the cabinets

Good Before Selling Your Home

Has the realtor told you that you should do some minor upgrading to help the value and sale of your house? Refacing your cabinets can make a huge difference and not cost you a fortune.

Add Life To Your Cabinets

By choosing to reface cabinets you can add an additional 20 years to the life of them. So not only are you saving a little bit of money by using the existing cabinets, but you are adding on several years to them. 

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