4 Ways You Can Remodel Your Home in Santa Clarita

4 Ways You Can Remodel Your Home in Santa Clarita

July 30, 2020

Are you looking to do a remodel in your home? It can be a complex process trying to make all the decisions about how you want it done. Having someone knowledgeable and trained in the job makes things easier to understand. They can explain how everything works and what needs to be done, providing you with quality solutions to any issues and beneficial ideas for the budget you are working with. 

Sometimes, you need more room for a new addition to the family or even when you are sprucing the place up to get ready to sell. There are many reasons that you may want to remodel your home. The staff at Cavalier Builders are licensed professionals and would love to help you with your next project. From start to finish, we want to be your trusted ally through your home remodeling journey. 

Walls Need A Fresh New Color And Coat Of Paint

Sometimes, looking around your house, you think everything looks dull and needs some TLC. Fresh paint on the walls could give you just what you are looking for. You can provide a whole new appearance to your home by changing the wall color. Even if you choose the same color, you can still give the room a new and clean appearance with a fresh coat of paint. Here are some other significant benefits that a fresh coat of paint and color can provide to your home:

  • Brighten up a room 
  • Give character to a room
  • Freshen and update the theme of a room
  • Make the room feel larger
  • Protects your walls

Aside from applying a fresh and appealing look to your home’s walls, this simple upgrade can add to your home’s overall appeal and market value. Compared to a complete remodel, it’s far easier and cheaper, with the bonus of possibly resulting in a higher return. Your home will look more appealing and new to potential buyers if you hire a professional contractor to paint it for you, ensuring it gets applied smoothly and cleanly. 

Upgrading Your Hardware And Fixtures

It can amaze you how many little details being upgraded in the home can make a huge difference. Think about all the door pulls, light fixtures, electrical outlet covers, faucets, and light switch covers. Changing and upgrading those things to something more modern, fancier, or newer can change the room’s appearance. Tiny little details of things can make a big statement. 

One of the easiest and most cost-effective home improvement ideas for a quick update on the look and feel of your home is its lighting. The energy efficiency and lighting of your home may be significantly improved by doing something as easy as replacing all of your old light bulbs with LED ones. The fixtures themselves may also be aged, but fortunately, they can be replaced at an inexpensive cost. Don’t forget to update the outside lighting surrounding your home and property in addition to the inside lights. Whether your patio fixtures have degraded with time and exposure to the elements or your porch lamps are chipped and cracking, this is the perfect way to save money while beautifying your home. 

Remodeling The Kitchen Or Bathroom

Whether you want to do a partial remodel or a full-blown remodel of your home, these areas are a very common one to make upgrades and changes to. You can do it as simple or as big as you want. Updating your current cabinets rather than replacing them completely can be an option if a complete remodel is out of your price range.  Your kitchen could be easily and quickly updated with something as straightforward as changing the cabinet hardware. If your kitchen cabinets require additional attention, consider painting them an alternative hue at a price that’s far less expensive than what it would cost to replace them.

In the bathroom, there are many things you can do as well. You could completely gut the bathroom and change it all or focus on upgrading a few things at a time. Usually, an old bathroom must be completely renovated, which is expensive and takes time. Changing the sink fixtures’ and cabinets’ current hardware can modernize the space and add value without requiring a complete renovation. A change from chrome to gold could completely transform its overall feel. Another quick fix to give the bathroom a spa-like atmosphere is replacing your outdated shower faucet with something more elegant and modern.

Room Additions 

Do you need more room in your house? Many people decide to add rooms to their homes when they bring home a new baby. Whatever your reason is for needing more space, it is a process. So, be sure to take your time, plan it out, and hire help from professionals who can deliver the results you really want and can be happy with. Some of the most popular room additions for homeowners when remodeling include:

  • Living areas
  • Dining rooms
  • New bedrooms
  • Studios
  • Studies
  • And dens

Much thought needs to go into this, such as where to put the new addition, how big it needs to be, and who you should get to build it. Even though it can be an inconvenient project to have going on at your home, the reward at the end makes it all worth it. From providing you and your family with more space to even possibly upping your home’s value when it comes to selling, your return on investment is sure to be sufficient enough to make you glad you did. 

Garage Conversions

And if you need extra space but don’t want to invest as heavily as a room addition might require, then a garage conversion might be the perfect choice for you! Since the garage structure is preexisting, it is typically far less expensive than you might pay for a home addition. Garage conversions can also be semi-converted, meaning you could still keep a portion of your garage unconverted while still converting another portion to whatever you want. Keep your storage space and add an extra space alongside it with a garage conversion today. 

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