Venice Canals

Do you love history? Are you looking for something fun to do? You should check out Venice Canals, known for its beauty and unique experience.

Where Is The Attraction Located?

The Venice Canals are located in Venice, CA 90292, built in 1906 and established 1983. The Venice Canals are now a part of the beautiful Los Angeles city. To be a little more specific, the marker is located on Dell Avenue, North of Court A. If you were to drive to 242 Court A, Venice, CA 90292 you would be placed right next to the marker. It is right over the bridge on the left hand side.

What To Do At The Attraction?

At the Venice Canals you can explore the beautiful historic canals that were merged with Los Angeles back in 1926. Prior to this date, Venice was an independent city. While in the Venice Canals you can explore numerous Venice markers, marking all the historical monuments of Venice. There are many road bridges for both vehicles and pedestrians to explore on and overlook the canals. As well as the Abbot Kinney Mural and the one of a kind, Colonnades Venice sign. This can be found at the intersection of Windward and Pacific Avenue.  

Other Things To Do Nearby

If you’re looking for other things nearby the Venice Canals, try checking out the Secret Food Tours of Los Angeles. You can also look out over the one of a kind Venice Pier while visiting this historical monument. As well as take a stroll down the Abbot Kinney Boulevard where you will spot the famous Abbot Kinney mural. Another great mural to stop by and admire is the Luminaries of Pantheism Mural just 9 minutes away. The Venice Canals is a place of history and is just waiting to be explored by you and your family!

How To Get To The Attraction From The Business Location

It will take you about 53 minutes roughly, depending on the traffic and time of day. But, it is well worth your drive to explore the historical Venice Canals located in Los Angeles, CA. Visiting the Venice Canals is a great way to spend your day exploring and learning about the history. Click on this link to learn about another fun place you can visit. 

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