Your home’s windows are probably one of the last things you think of replacing unless they are cracked or broken. But windows age just like everything else that makes up your home and knowing when to replace them can keep your home both safe and happy for years to come. Cavalier Builders Inc. is a fully licensed and bonded contractor company that offers customers high-quality home remodeling, renovation, and repairs. So, if you require some assistance with keeping your home looking its very best, get in touch with the best today!

 What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Window?

Windows are fragile and can be broken quite easily so it is no secret that they are not meant to last forever. Even if your home enjoys windows designed by the highest quality brands and professionally installed, eventually those windows will begin to weaken and break down. 

A window’s average lifespan lands somewhere between 15 to 30 years. Well-maintained windows typically last beyond the 20-year mark, however, you will want to begin thinking about replacing your windows (no matter how well-maintained) once they begin to approach being two decades old. 

Signs That Your Windows May Need Replacing

Aside from the age of your windows, other signs may point toward your windows requiring replacing. Drafts are a common issue with many homes. And can directly affect the comfort rating of your home, as well as its energy costs. Even newer windows can develop air leaks. And broken seals that result in a home becoming drafty and energy bills rising. 

If your home’s windows become difficult to open or close. Or the frames begin to display signs of rot or warping, it is time to take action and replace them. Wood windows are especially susceptible and can result in massive air leaks, flooding, and even complete window failure. 

Benefits of Replacing Your Homes Old Windows

The most immediate benefit you will experience from replacing your home’s aged windows. Is an even temperature across your entire home with no drafts to disturb your comfort. Some window designs also help with reflecting radiant heat which helps with the summertime comfort of your home, as well. And with no drafts and reflective properties, your home’s windows will also begin to help. With gaining control over those crazy energy bills.

Additionally, modern replacements can provide greater security to your home with advanced latching systems and even tempered glass. And your home’s curb appeal and resale value will also benefit from replacements. 

Contact Cavalier Builders Inc For You Home Renovation And Repair Needs

Carefully considering the age and condition of your home’s windows will allow you to time their replacement properly. Attempting to prolong the life of malfunctioning or damaged windows. Will only end up costing you much more in the end. So, if you are ready to replace your home’s aged windows, contact us and receive your free estimate and assessment today!