It is recommended that you refinish your hardwood floors every ten years. However, for those heavily trafficked rooms in your home, you may want to refinish those floors every two to five years. The refinishing process includes preparing your floors, sanding them down, staining, and then refinishing. Once complete, your hardwood floors should look and feel brand new. 

Preparing Your Floors

The first task you must undertake when you are refinishing your floors is to prepare the floors. This includes the removal of any furniture or carpet and rugs in the room. You will also want to check for any squeaks and loose boards, as well as any protruding or loose nails in the floorboards. 

You will want to seal any air vents that could collect dust during the sanding process. This will prevent anything from getting into your home’s ductwork. Plastic sheeting can also be used to seal doorways and keep dust from the sanding process escaping into other areas of the home. Additionally, you want to remove any debris from the floor with a dust mop or a vacuum. 

Sanding Your Floors

This step of the process may seem somewhat simple, however, to avoid any unwanted dips or severely damaging your floors, you will want to use extreme care in this step. It is also important to remember to wear protective gear for your eyes, ears, and breathing. 

Always follow the direction of the wood grain, never across the grain. Sand in overlapping passes that get you as close to the wall as possible without touching your baseboards. Once the main area of the floor is complete, you will then sand along the edges and corners of the room. Take extra care in the corners and be sure to remove every little bit of old finish. 

Staining And Finishing Your Floors

Before you begin applying your stain (if you decide to use stain) it is important to thoroughly examine and clean the freshly sanded area. Once the area is cleaned and you have decided on the color of stain you wish to use, apply the stain and allow it to dry. The stain must dry completely before topcoat application, so be sure to allow it to dry at least overnight. 

Once the stain is dried, you can apply your finish. Two of the most common hardwood floor finishes are water-based and polyurethane. The drying time for each of these is different so pay careful attention when applying either. Polyurethane typically dries within eight to twelve hours, while water-based finishes can dry in as little as two to four. Curing time, however, can take much longer and so you should take caution when moving heavy furniture or placing rugs back down. 

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