Are you in the midst of revamping your old deck? You may be stuck between restoring your deck or considering getting it entirely redone. One of our most frequently asked questions is, can an old deck be restored? Well, let us help you save some money by answering your question. 

The quick answer to your question at hand is, yes. You can restore your old deck and not break the bank. Many people believe that restoring an old deck is costly and end up putting it off. In reality restoring an old deck is as easy as applying a fresh coat of paint.

Deck Paint Restoration

Now, our team doesn’t recommend using just any old paint to restore your deck. It is highly recommended to use deck paint restoration specifically. This product lays thick in the coatings and fills in any cracks, holes or other blemishes in the wood. Helping to make your deck look newly resurfaced when it’s all finished! 

Restored Prep Work Needed 

First you will want to prepare the surface by ripping up any big splinters in the wood. This also includes any large protruding nails and replacing them with deck screws. Next, if your deck has been previously stained, then it will need to be sanded to remove the gloss.

Now it’s time to apply the deck cleaning product. Followed by scrubbing down the deck with a stiff scrub brush. This is to get any paint or grease stains off. Finally you should power-wash the deck to make sure all loose dirt has been cleared. 

Before you move on to restoring your deck, it is recommended to let your deck dry for about a week. During this time you will want to cover any areas where your paint will ooze or leak. To avoid any unnecessary messes or clean-ups. 

Restoring Your Deck 

Once all the prep work is completed, usually taking a week’s time. Then you are clear to start applying the first coat of deck paint restoration. Be prepared to use plenty of paint product to make sure all gaps and cracks in your wood are filled. Also to prevent any air bubbles from thinned paint. Generally it takes between 3-6 hours for the paint to dry and prepare for your second coat. Once the second coat is completed, let it dry completely for 2 days. You will be so happy once your deck is restored and you can use it!