The answer to the question of whether kitchen cabinets sit on top of flooring is both yes and no. It really depends on the type of flooring you have or are installing, as well as other factors. If you have hardwood floors then yes, the cabinets can sit on top of this type floor. But if your kitchen has floating floors, you will want to install the cabinets first. 

Floor Types 

While hardwood floors are generally okay to install cabinets on top of, floating floors may not be. This is because floating floors need the extra room for breathing. Not literally, but they can expand and contract with time and moisture. 

Two other popular floor types for home kitchens include laminate and tile. New kitchen cabinets can go on top of laminate flooring but will need to be properly secured so that they do not move or shift. Tile, however, is not as stable as other floor types and the weight of the cabinets could cause the flooring to break or crack. 

Flooring First

When flooring is installed before the cabinets, there are fewer cuts made to the floor pieces which means less time getting it in. Since time is money, this is important to consider when putting in floors and cabinets. 

Installing floors first also allows the homeowner to shift their cabinets from one area to another without leaving a footprint behind. When the cabinet goes in first, the flooring is cut to fit around the cabinet so if the cabinet is moved the floor is bare. 

Cabinets First

When you put in your cabinets first, you can save on the amount of flooring needed for the job. This translates to money saved on the project. It really all depends on your budget and preference in the end. 

Installing your cabinets first also helps with preserving the quality of your new floor. Installing cabinets after flooring can sometimes scratch or dent flooring during installation. Putting your cabinets in first also allows you to replace your flooring in the future without having to take the cabinets out, as well. 

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