Hardwood floors are beautiful and there are very few things that can outshine a freshly waxed and buffed floor. Unfortunately, as soon as foot traffic is once more allowed to cross such a thing of beauty, it can quickly become soiled and begin to lose its sheen. The soles of shoes are extremely abrasive to floor finishes and dirt and dust that is tracked in from outside also can cause floors to begin to look dirty and in desperate need of refinishing. However, with regular buffing and waxing, you can protect, maintain, and extend the life of your floors, enjoying their lustrous beauty for many years to come. 

Waxing Your Floors

While floor waxing does call to mind images of shiny and new-looking floors, waxing does much more than create shine. Waxing also offers protection against any unsightly stains that might result from oils and other liquids. Waxed floors also make cleaning them easier. And a cleaner floor is a safer one! 

Wax also helps create a safe environment by providing protection to the overall health and strength of a floor since it can experience high traffic and eventually become worn and provide less traction for those who walk across it. With waxing, your floors get back their traction and help prevent hazards.

Buffing Your Floors

Buffing, like waxing, helps restore a floor’s shine and luster. This also helps to restore the old floor’s finish and protects against daily scratches that may occur with traffic through that area.

Heavy floor traffic can result in some serious damage over time including scratches and nicks that can result in your floors looking uninviting and dull. 

For a business, a worn floor simply looks unprofessional and sets a bad first impression for anyone who enters. Fortunately, by regularly buffing your floors, they will not only shine once more but will also improve and extend the life of your floor, as well as lower the cost of maintenance. 

When To Schedule A Buff Or Wax

Professional buffing and waxing services can help restore tired and old-looking floors, giving them back beauty and shine that impresses all who walk across them. Buffing your floor will be much less time-consuming than waxing and should be done whenever the floor begins to look dull. 

Waxing is a much more involved process than buffing and should be considered every four to six months for floors that are subjected to high traffic. For floors that experience low to medium traffic, waxing can be performed annually to help restore and strengthen their shine. 

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