Are you considering installing a walk-in tub in your new home? Will it fit your lifestyle or fulfill your needs? Most homeowners ultimately want to know if it is a wise investment. In addition to their sleek, contemporary appearance, these adaptable tubs offer a number of advantages that are ideal for any homeowner. We’ve all seen the magazine ads and television commercials, so our experts here at Cavalier Builders would like to offer some insight into the actual advantages of a walk-in tub.

Effortless Use

The number one reason why you should consider installing a walk-in tub is how easy it is to use. The low door height of these tubs is one of its distinguishing features. This design element makes them incredibly simple to use, in addition to being useful for people with mobility challenges. Climbing in and out of a traditional tub can be hard for some people, but stepping into a walk-in tub with a low step entry requires very little effort and is much more comfortable, as well as safer.

Decreased Risk of Falls

A fall is one of the most frequent injuries that seniors sustain at home. As people age, their strength, balance and vision deteriorate, making them more prone to falls. Falls can result in life-threatening injuries and can even be fatal. A few of the ways a walk-in tub can reduce danger are listed below:

  • Users may easily enter and exit a walk-in tub without having to elevate their legs over a high side because of the easy-entry door and low threshold design
  • Grab bars and textured flooring are other features that add support and stability, especially on a wet surface.
  • Typically, walk-in bathtubs feature a built-in seat so you may sit while bathing. This seat can also help lower the danger of falling.



For centuries, using water to relieve pain has been a widely used medical practice.This type of therapy is known as hydrotherapy. Numerous illnesses, such as arthritis, back pain, tension, anxiety and depression can be treated with hydrotherapy. It can also expand range of motion, reduce inflammation and enhance circulation. Advanced hydrotherapy options for walk-in tubs include whirlpool jets and therapeutic air jets that combine heat with massage.

Aging In Place

The benefits of a walk-in tub are one of the top options to consider for seniors who would prefer to age in place. Senior homeowners are choosing to stay in their homes as long as feasibly possible due to the rising costs of assisted living facilities. Installing a walk-in tub is often one of the first modifications for aging seniors.

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