Benefits of Adding A Deck To Your Home

Benefits of Adding A Deck To Your Home

With every home improvement or upgrade you plan for your home, it is very important that you consider all the benefits you will be able to enjoy from each project. Adding a deck to your home is a great way to add a versatile space to your home and increase the market value of it. Deck additions create a significant convenience factor while keeping your home and overall property upkeep on-point. Here are a few of the biggest benefits of adding on a garage to your home:

Increase Aesthetic Appeal  

A deck adds a beautiful aesthetic appeal to your home’s exterior. Whether you choose a natural wood or composite finish, your deck can add an aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your home leaving you feeling like you are in your dream home. Decks are completely customizable. You can incorporate a number of different designs, stain colors, structures, materials, and accessories. 

Some people like a simple deck with nothing but a couple of patio chairs, while others prefer to create built-in grilling stations, tables, and outdoor sound systems. Even when you aren’t using your deck, such as in the wintertime, it can be nice to look out and enjoy the beautifully designed deck. It’s relaxing and enjoyable, especially when you have company over.

Place for Entertaining

One of the best benefits of having a deck is that it gives you a nice place to entertain your guests. Whereas your home may not be large enough on its own to host a large gathering or event, the deck gives you extra space to spill out and entertain. A deck is also ideal when you have children too. It allows parents to enjoy a nice area while the kids play in the backyard while the adults hang out and enjoy a nice time.

Increased Property Value

A deck is a great way to add usable space without spending the premium that comes with adding indoor living space.

One of the reasons that a deck is such a good investment is because it increases living area at a minimal cost per square foot. The national average for new construction costs of a two-story, 2,000-square-foot home is about $85 per square foot, according to the National Association of Home Builders. However, the construction costs for a wood deck are less than $35 per square foot.

While a backyard deck won’t add the same amount of financial value as an indoor addition would, most homebuyers will ultimately pay a premium for outdoor living space when comparing two similar properties. On average, you can expect a 75 percent return on investment when you add a deck to your property.

Functional Outdoor Living Space

Adding a deck isn’t always about increasing property value, though. You obviously want to enjoy it in the meantime. The great thing about a deck is that it gives you functional outdoor living space.

Once you build a deck, you may consider it an extension of your indoor living space. It might even become your favorite place for relaxing, reading, eating, and more. Some people even use decks for outdoor exercise equipment or hot tubs. Depending on the weather and how much coverage you have, an outdoor TV is even a possibility.

We Are Here To Help

Start planning your own beautiful deck addition with Cavalier Builders Inc. We have four convenient locations in Los Angeles,CA and the surrounding areas like Hidden Hills, La Mirada, and Woodland Hills to best help you with your new deck building project. Call Us today and let’s help make your entertaining deck dreams come true.  

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3 Simple Ways You Can Update Your Kitchen in 2022

Your kitchen is the heart of your home! It is where you and your family gather after a long day to reconnect and share a meal. Too often families are just getting fast food, ordering online, or eating out. Updating your kitchen can help inspire you and your family to enjoy your kitchen again, save money, and cook a healthier meal. 

There are so many simple ways to update your kitchen that can boost resale and the value of your home. Three ways to update include: 

  • Adding a new light fixture 
  • Creating storage for appliances
  • Painting your cabinets 

Hire A Company To Help With Renovations

Before starting your remodeling you need to get help! Cavalier Builders is the perfect company to hire if you are in Los Angeles, California. They can help bring your visions to a reality for an affordable price.

Hiring them will help save you money and prevent you or loved ones from harming yourself trying to remodel it yourself. They are professionals and know what they are doing! They can help you get the job done right and prevent damage done to your property. 

Change The Lighting 

The lighting in your kitchen sets the overall mood. In the center of the kitchen, you are supposed to have general or ambient lighting. Lighting is so important in the kitchen to provide the proper light to keep your kitchen clean, to make sure you are as safe as possible,  and can see what you are doing. So many accidents occur in the kitchen and good lighting can help prevent them!

Ideas to update your kitchen lighting:

  • Add hanging lights or pendants above your island.
  • Add under-cabinet lighting like LED strips lights or puck lights. 
  • Add ceiling lights that can have a dimmer setting installed to make bright or dim
  • Add recessed lights in open shelves or glass cabinets.
  • Add over cabinet lights to accent architecture and design.
  • Add toekick lights to illuminate pathways.

Add More Storage Space

Lack of storage space in the kitchen is very common. Kitchen countertops are cluttered with your appliances everywhere. Your air fryer, blender, slow cooker, utensils, and cups all need their own place in your kitchen. The energy in your kitchen will flow better when there is more space and less chaos. To add more space there are a number of different things you can do.

Ways to add more space: 

  • Add more cabinets near the floor and high up above your refrigerator or stove. 
  • Add sliding drawers below cabinets.
  • Build a walk-in pantry or a small closet pantry.
  • Add an island and add cabinets to the front and back of the island. 
  • Build in custom inserts to cabinets.
  • Add cabinets on top of other cabinets if there is enough height. 

Get Your Cabinets Repainted

Repainting your kitchen paint is an excellent way to update your kitchen. It is a much cheaper option than replacing your cabinet. There is a lot to paint, so hire someone to help. Hiring a professional like Cavalier Builders can help with painting and help you choose the best hardware.

There are so many different colors and designs to choose that can transform your entire kitchen. Repainting can help boost your home’s value by a lot. It is not as costly as one would think. 

Contact Us Today For A Free Consultation

Call Cavalier Builders serving the Los Angeles, CA area at (866) 358-6385 or contact us online to schedule a time for a free in-home design consultation and an estimate to make your visions a reality.

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What is the difference between remodel and renovate?

What Is The Difference Between Remodel and Renovate?

Do you know what the difference is between remodel and renovate? Many people confuse the two to be the same thing, there is a difference though. There are some pretty significant differences that can be named between the two. 

What Is Remodeling?

When you choose to remodel a room in your home, it is the process of making significant changes to the space in your home. This can involve completely tearing a shower, tub, or contents of your kitchen. It can also mean that you are changing the location of the room or the structure of the room itself. 

Some of the options that you have are:

  • Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel
  • Garage or Basement Remodel
  • Patio or Porch Remodel
  • And So Many More Options

Ways To Remodel Your Home

It is always fun and exciting to remodel your home. Whether you are doing one room, multiple rooms, or the whole house, there are so many options that you have. Everyone will have their own opinions and ideas of what they want to do. 

A few of the remodeling choices that you have are:

  • Installing A Kitchen Island
  • Making A Living Room Larger
  • Taking Down Walls Between Rooms
  • Adding A Guest Bathroom
  • Putting An Addition Onto The Home
  • Building A Garage
  • And Much More

What Is Renovating?

When you choose to renovate a space in your home, it is the process of making something old look new again. Most of the time, people do not want to tear things out or substantially change the space when renovating. They only want to make it look refreshed and new. 

Some of the ways that people look at the term renovations are for:

  • Curb Appeal
  • Value-Added
  • Basics
  • Personal Preference

Ways To Renovate Your Home

Are you wondering how you can renovate your home and still hold on to some of the original charms of the place? This can be a hard task to do, it is so easy to get carried away and start changing more than you originally wanted to. But, it is nice to be able to hold some of the originality of the home that you live in. 

Here are a few ways that you can renovate your home:

  • Reface The Cabinets and Install New Hardware
  • Install New Light Fixtures or Replace Flooring
  • Repainting and Replacing Old Windows
  • Update Outdated Equipment and Appliances
  • And Many More Options

Whether you are choosing to remodel or renovate your home, there are so many fun ideas that you can do. All that matters is that you love the space that you create. Choosing a reliable and trustworthy company can make this process go as smoothly as it possibly can.

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Does Adding A Garage Increase My Homes Value

Does Adding A Garage Increase My Homes Value

Are you considering adding a garage to your home? This is a beneficial way to keep your vehicle out of the weather and many other useful scenarios. One of the biggest reasons to do a project like this is that it adds value to your home. Whether you are considering moving or not, it is always advised to consider the value of your home.   

How Much Value Does A Garage Add To Your Home?

You need to think about before you begin any project at your home is the overall value of your existing home. Then what the garage will add to that value. This will help you decide whether the cost of the service will benefit you or not. 

To build a garage, you can expect to pay around $20,000O. On average, a garage will add 70-80% ROI, return on investment, to your home of the cost to build it. Each scenario is different, and it will depend on the market when you sell. But, in the end, the more square footage you have to your home, the more it will add to its value. 

You Have Options With A Garage

A garage is known to be a space that you choose to put your car in to protect it from the weather elements. While this is a great choice, you often have more space than is needed. You can use it for storage for holiday decor, or you can make a workshop space. 

Here are some of the other options that you have for a garage space. 

Garage Apartment

With a garage apartment, you can earn an extra bit of income by renting it out. If you do not use your garage or have the extra space to add a small apartment, it can be a cost that benefits your finances. You have to consider the need for electricity and plumbing, which is not always available in the garage. 

Not only does building the garage add value to your home, but having a tenant in your garage apartment is bringing in extra money for you. This also is an added feature for when you sell your home. 

Home Gym

If you have a full house and still want a place that you can designate to work out, consider your garage. If you have just built a garage or already have one, you can make an area to call your home gym. It is also beneficial because it separates it from the rest of the home. 


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How Often Can I Renovate My Kitchen?

It is up to you how often you want to remodel your kitchen. On average, the styles will change, and you get the urge to remodel your kitchen about every 10 to 15 years. This space is a common area for homes, and people spend a lot of their day there. You want it to be a place that you enjoy.  

Ways To Know If It Is Time To Remodel Your Kitchen

If you are tired of looking at the decor, you currently have in your kitchen, consider changing things up. It can be fun to do this and a way to make it more accessible for you. You have so many options, and it doesn’t all have to be significant changes. 

Listed below are some ideas of what you can do in a kitchen to revive its appearance.

New Countertops

Countertops are one of the many ways to revamp the overall appearance of your kitchen. If you are only looking to make one change, this is a great one to start with. It can make the space look like a whole new area. 

There are many options when it comes to countertops. The style you are going with will help you know which one you should go with. Here are some countertop options that you have:

  • Butcher Block
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quarts
  • Vinyl
  • And So Much More

Install A Kitchen Island

Do you need more space in your kitchen? This is a common problem that many people have, but don’t know where to put it. One option that you have is to add a kitchen island. This can give you more countertop space and cabinet space beneath it. 

You can even make it an eating space if you have enough room. It is the perfect space to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a few barstools and a lip to the surface. This is a great space for someone to keep you company while you are cooking too. 

Add A Pantry

Are you looking to put in a pantry? This is an amazing space that people fall in love with once they have one. It frees up cabinet space and gives you somewhere to store all those appliances you have accumulated. 

You can make this a small pantry space or a full walk-in pantry. When you equip this space with the right amount of shelving, you will be delighted with it. 


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Benefits of A Walk In Tub?

Perhaps it’s been a long day and you’re tired and your muscles ache. Or, it’s been a long night of aching muscles and lack of sleep. A long, hot bath would just do the trick. But having to bend your whole body into that low tub, and pull yourself out when you’re done, is no longer an easy task. Aches and pains have changed a once relaxing, pleasurable experience into a challenge. If only there was an easier way to get into that tub. Well, actually, there is!

Safety Creates Peace of Mind

Whether due to injury, age, or other body infirmity, sometimes a standard tub presents more of a challenge than a comfort. Worse still, when the challenge becomes a safety hazard, it’s time to look at alternatives. A walk-in tub provides the necessary safety for an injured, aging, or otherwise compromised body. 

Cavalier Builders, Inc. install walk-in tubs that offer various features that are not only convenient but add a level of trusted safety. When you can simply open the door and walk in, the hazards of lifting one leg high enough to enter the tub are eliminated. The wide, low door makes for easy access. Once in the tub, grab bars and heightened seating help to prevent slips and falls. 

Convenience Relieves Stress

When the mere thought of getting in and out of the tub for bath time creates stress, the benefits of a relaxing, pleasurable soak are null and void. The knowledge that there is a better solution right in your own home can completely relieve that stress. Because a walk-in tub provides convenience and safety, both loved ones and you, yourself, can have confidence in the independence it provides.

 Too often, aging individuals (or those with otherwise compromised bodies) must leave the comfort and familiarity of their homes. The declining ability to care for oneself is a major reason. A walk-in tub greatly enhances the ability for self-care. From entrance to exit, this custom designed walk-in tub provides a worry free bathing experience.

Special Features Bring Added Comfort

The walk-in tubs have many special features that are beneficial to anyone needing a walk-in rather than a standard tub. Among them are:

  • Tub water stays warm due to the infused heated air system
  • Walk-ins are built using materials that are non-porous which prevents dirt residue from building up
  • Non-porous building material used to make walk-in tubs protects from mold and mildew 
  • Prevention of dirt buildup and mold and mildew growing, creates a clean, healthy bathing experience
  • Walk-in tubs are designed to  need almost no maintenance once installed, therefore they are built to last
  • Patterns and colors of walk-in tubs come in a variety of choices to accommodate existing bathrooms
  • Built in seating and grab bars provide safety and security 
  • Wide doors for the walk-in tub entrances enable comfortable, safe entry
  • Because there are many variations in tub choices, chances are excellent that a model will be available to fit into the existing space where the standard tub or shower has been standing 

Confidence in Cavalier Builders Inc. Makes all the Benefits of a Walk-In Tub Possible

A family owned business since 1999, our company is owned and operated by a family that takes pride in caring for your family.  Ask about our discounts on installation for senior citizens and Veterans. 

We’re Here When You’re Ready!

Please contact us for further information on our walk-in tubs. We’re available to answer questions and schedule an installation date. For help in Los Angeles and surrounding areas such as Woodland Hills and La Mirda, call 800-749-5765.

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Will Someone Be On Site Everyday Until The Project Is Complete?

Everyone wants their remodel to be finished in record time. Unfortunately, it is a process that takes time, often more time than you want it to. Keep in mind, that whatever the end date is, you may want to take it with grace. There are often hindrances that get in the way or shipping times that cause it to take a little bit longer. 

Many people wonder about the amount of work that is done every day during the process. If a job takes 6 months, are the workers going to be there every day for six months? No, probably not. There will be a lot of it, but during waiting periods for items to come in or inspection to be done, they will work on other jobs. 

It Takes Time

There are times during the process that you have to wait for a signature, license, permit, or inspection to be done before you can move forward on your remodel. The bad news is, that sometimes you have to wait a couple of days to possibly a couple of weeks for it to happen. 

During that time, you are typically in a holding period. That means that you will most likely not have workers at your home during that time. Sometimes there are other jobs they can work on in the process, but not always. 

You Can Still Love There

There are different levels of construction and remodeling that people do to their homes. If this is a new build, then you may not be living in the home yet, not be able to. But, if this is a remodel to a home that you are already living in, then most likely you can remain in the home. 

There are many hindrances that you may have during this, but it is doable. If you find it hard to do this, staying with friends, family, or in a hotel may be more comfortable. Especially, if the bathroom or kitchen is out of commission for extended periods of time. 

Days and Hours Will Vary

The number of hours and days that a crew works will vary from job to job. Some will work weekends on top of the weekdays. It will vary between 4 to 7 days a week that they will work. All companies will have different regulations and hours that they work.

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Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Home

Here at Cavalier Builders we strive to be the best. We love serving and working with our Los Angeles community. Our team has come up with 4 simple ways to consider when remodeling your home. These tips could save you lots of time and money on your next project. 

What Are Your Priorities?

Of course, your  home needs to be functional. It’s no fun having a living space that is filled with inconvenient features. Or, maybe you already have functionality and you’re interested in improving aesthetics. Or, maybe you need something that adds both:  better functionality plus an upgrade to the environment.  

Many remodeling improvements involve adding square footage. Where and how much are the main questions here. As long as changes are being made you’ll want to pay attention to the look and feel it will bring to the home. And that’s important whether adding square footage or just improving what already exists. 

What is Your Budget?

Cavalier Builders Inc will work as much as possible, within your budget, to make your desires a reality. But sometimes, if something is out of your reach, we have skilled, knowledgeable people who may give alternative suggestions. Will another, more affordable material work as well for a new cabinet or bathroom fixture? Can the new, additional square footage take on additional functions instead of the one function it was intended to serve? 

Our building specialists may see possibilities that are not obvious to you. Whether through reducing costs by using alternate materials, or by maximizing your new square footage, our associate will work toward efficiently using each and every square foot. 

Time to Plan the Project

This 3rd way toward the remodel of your home is where the action really begins. Our associate will work closely with you on making a plan that will utilize the time and money that is going into the remodel. If work is done in the proper order the inconvenience of going through a remodel (assuming you are living in the home while the remodel is in progress) will be minimized. 

There will most likely be a portion of the home that cannot be used for a period of time. You’ll need to make adjustments to your lifestyle and possibly your schedule to make allowances. Work must be done in the proper order: (example) if a new wall is to be installed, the electrician cannot be scheduled to put in outlets if the drywall has not been installed. Our Cavalier Builders associate will be responsible for properly scheduling these items.

Time to Proceed With the Project!

You should know by now what the projected date is for finishing the project. Whether an addition, a simple remodel, or somewhere in between, the work will be ongoing as you watch your dream transfer to reality. If you’ve reached this conclusion as a dream, it’s now time to make it a reality!


Contact Us Today

The team at Cavalier Builders is more than happy to assist you with any projects you need help with. We love our customers and provide them with the best we have to offer. Please contact us through our website, or call us at 866-358-6385. We look forward to serving you in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. 




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Do I Need A Building Permit To Remodel My Home

When making major changes to your home, a building permit is most often needed. Basic remodeling and modifications completed inside the house are not typically included in that. The ones that require a permit are the ones that change the structure and size of your home. 

In this article, we will discuss what types of projects need a building permit to be performed to your home. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to following the rules with your home. If you are unsure if you need one or not, ask a professional to be sure. The company that helps you with the changes should be able to advise you on the rules that apply to building permits. 

When Permits Are Required

The remodeling and structuration of your home is a big task. It is required to have permits for any type of changes that change the layout and size of your home. If you are remodeling a kitchen by painting cabinets, replacing countertops, or upgrading your appliances, there aren’t permits needed. 

It is the more significant, more involved, tasks that need to have a building permit. When the blueprints to your home are being changed, you know that you need to look for a permit to begin the work. Here are a few examples of these changes. 

Fencing Of A Certain Height

The need for a building permit when putting up a fence at your home is sometimes needed and sometimes not required. The height and location of the fence are deciding factors in the need for one. The replacement of an existing fence falls under the same guidelines. 

Installation Of A Fireplace

A fireplace is an excellent addition to your home. It is a fun way to make your home more cozy and warm. Fire can be an extreme safety hazard to a home, and a fireplace is a top contender to house fires. That is why a building permit is required to ensure all regulations, codes, and guidelines are followed in the installation process. 

Electrical And Plumbing Changes

Electrical and plumbing are important aspects of a home’s mechanisms. You want to make sure that all steps are strictly followed and adhered to in the installation process. To ensure this, building permits are required to provide this type of work to ensure safety.

Building A Shed

There are rules and guidelines that you have to follow from time to time when it comes to installing a shed on your home’s property. Sometimes you will need to stay a certain distance from your home or be below a particular height. Each county and area will have codes that will need to be followed, and they will make you aware of them when you get a permit.

Adding On A Garage 

You will need a building permit when you decide to add a garage to your property. That is due to the nature of the project and the changes you are making to your home’s property. It is to ensure that the work is done correctly and to code requirements. There are set regulations for the garage’s electrical, plumbing, and structural aspects. 


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Benefits To Adding A Garage On To Your Home

Benefits To Adding A Garage On To Your Home

Benefits To Adding A Garage On To Your Home 

With every home improvement or upgrade you plan for your home, it is very important that you consider the benefits you will be able to enjoy from each project. A garage addition is a great way to add a versatile space to your home and increase the market value of it. Garage additions create a significant convenience factor while keeping your home and overall property upkeep on-point. Here are a few of the biggest benefits of adding on a garage to your home:

More Space

A garage addition is one of the ways to add more space to your home. These types of additions can almost double your available space. This gives you a place to park your vehicles to free up the driveway for guests to use when they come over to visit. It also provides a place that adds some valuable storage space for items like outdoor equipment like lawnmowers, 4-wheelers, fishing poles, bikes and more. 

A garage can be such a versatile space and can even be used as an extra room. One of the useful ways to utilize a garage addition is to designate part or all of it as a workshop, office, or playroom. Really, the possibilities are endless with Cavalier Builders Inc .

Additional Storage

Given the additional room that the garage additions provide to a home, they can serve as a great way to gain some additional storage space. Shelving and racks can be installed in the garage to provide room for items that receive more occasional use such as seasonal outdoor decorations and automotive cleaning supplies.

One of the things to also consider is, how many bays do you want to have. Having an idea of how you want to use the additional storage is a good idea. Thinking about what you will need to store in it, can help you determine how much space and bays will be needed.

Increase Home Value and Curb Appeal

Adding on a garage does not automatically increase the living square footage inside your home. It does, however, increase the square footage of the space under the roof. A lot of homeowners appreciate the convenience that a garage can offer to everyday life. 

For these reasons, a garage addition will help increase the market value of your home. Adding a garage will also enhance the home’s curb appeal. Having a place to work in private or to park vehicles out of sight, makes the front of the home look much cleaner while protecting your vehicles too. 

Protection for Valuable Assets 

A garage addition helps to protect your most valuable assets by providing a safe place to store them. One of the most beneficial aspects to having a garage addition is that it helps to protect your vehicles from any wear and tear from the outside elements. The protection that a garage provides, helps to preserve their value and depreciate a lot slower.

These are just a few of the amazing benefits of adding a garage to your home. When thinking about your next home improvement project, be sure to give some consideration to the ways a garage can improve you and your family’s life.

We Are Here To Help

Start planning your own beautiful garage addition with Cavalier Builders Inc. We have four convenient locations in Southern California: Los Angeles, Hidden Hills, La Mirada, and Woodland Hills to best help you with your new home improvement project. Call Us today.

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