small bathroom remodel

4 Ways You Can Remodel A Small Bathroom

Are you trying to think about ways that you can remodel your small bathroom? It can be hard to envision different styles and designs when there isn’t much room to work with. Cavalier Builders has helped many people in the Los Angeles, CA community. Our general contractors can help you develop a great plan to make your bathroom just what you need. 

Types of Remodeling 

There are many different ways that you can look at remodeling. It could mean that you are simply changing around some colors and designs. Then it could mean some more in-depth procedures to adjust the size and layout of it completely. 

When you have a small bathroom, it can be challenging to make it all work. You may feel there isn’t enough room or that the flow isn’t quite right. There are many ideas and tricks that you can do to make a small bathroom feel bigger and have a more appealing look for you. 

1. Choose A More Fitting Vanity

The vanity size, shape, and design can make or break a small bathroom. There isn’t much room in there, to begin with, so choosing the right one can make a difference. Think about the size of the bathroom and ways that you can maximize the space in there. 

One of the best ways to better use a small space is to choose a vanity with lots of storage options. Another tip is to choose rounded edges; sharp or harsh corners can be a problem in tight spaces. You can also look into corner designs; they take up far less space and still look great. 

2. Choose Patterns, Designs, and Colors Wisely

The patterns, designs, and colors that you put into a small space are a big decision. Dark colors can make a small space feel even smaller. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use dark colors. You just have to be creative with them. 

Patterns are a great idea for small spaces, believe it or not. Choosing bold and large patterns can make a space seem larger than it is. Fun and funky floor tiles or wallpaper can spice up a small bathroom. Another great tip is to lay tiles in unique patterns to create fun designs. 

3. Use Wall Space

When you have limited space to work with, you have to be creative with the space that you do have. The wall space is a great way to help draw the eye up instead of side to side. This can help to disguise the small area and make it feel bigger. 

You can do this by hanging plants and other decorations up high and at various heights. Shelving is a good way to draw the eyes up and maximize space. The shelves can be used for needed space as well. The style and decor that you choose can help it feel like a cozy place instead of a cramped bathroom. 

4. Install A Pocket Door

If your small bathroom doesn’t already have a pocket door, you should consider it. When you are already dealing with a small space, the last thing you need is the door taking up extra space. A pocket door can give you the privacy you need with the space-saving qualities you are looking for.

Call Cavalier Builders For More Information

If you are looking to remodel a small bathroom in your home and don’t know where to begin, let Cavalier Builders help you. We are a family-owned and operated business in Los Angeles with the experience you are looking for. You can call us today to get more information about our services and pricing information. Our general contractors would love to help you with your bathroom remodel.

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garage conversion

Garage Conversion: Things To Consider Before Starting

If you find yourself desiring more space in your home, a garage conversion is definitely something worth considering. However, there is much to consider before making the decision to convert your garage into a living space and Cavalier Builders is here to help. It’s important to weigh all your options before deciding to convert your garage.  

Why You Should Consider Converting Your Garage

When you feel as though your home has gotten a bit crammed, a garage conversion is a desirable option to enhance your space. When property values are low and expansion would be difficult and costly, this is a sensible option. There are also some potential downsides to a conversion. The decision to move forward with your conversion should be made carefully. It’s important to weigh out potential options and possible drawbacks.

Things to Consider Before Starting Your Project

A conversion doesn’t always add value to your home according to experts. It also depends on where you live. If your plan is to sell your home in the near future, a garage conversion probably isn’t for you. If your home is located in an area prone to adverse weather, a garage is usually something potential buyers are looking for. Take a look around the comparable homes in your neighborhood, if the majority of the homes have a garage then this is most likely a sought after feature. Converting your garage would decrease your chances of attracting multiple buyers.  

However, if you are located somewhere that greatly values square footage then the decision to convert your garage could potentially increase the value of your property. If you feel as though you are in the home you plan to live in forever then value and attracting buyers is of no concern to you. You may find a conversion worthwhile.

3 Reasons You Need to Consider the Costs?

  1. Price ranges vary depending on the details of your preferences. The average garage conversion can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $25,000. Two of the biggest variables are the electrical and plumbing work. If you’re lucky, your garage will already have the electrical wired and may just need some upgrading. Costs can increase drastically once you start adding breakers to meet the requirements for your home. Your garage likely has a single light circuit and may need more outlets and receptacles for basic living conditions.
  2. Plumbing can be a rather large expenditure depending on how you want to use your new space.  Adding a complete living space with a bathroom, shower, and space for cooking and cleaning will cost far more than just adding a half bathroom. Expect your plumbing installation to cost around $1,000 to $2,500. 
  3. Don’t forget about your garage door. You will need to remove your existing garage door if you plan to maintain temperature comfort. Garage doors let in cold and heat making a living space uncomfortable in the peak months of summer and winter. Therefore you’ll probably want to have your space included into your HVAC system. Additionally, consider insulation, walls, floors, and ceilings.  

Permits and Laws

You will want to be sure to do your research and check local regulations to determine what permits are needed to convert your garage into a living space. Permits will likely be needed and can cost between $3,000 to $1,000. Of course, this will depend on where you live and the estimated cost of your project. In addition to permits, adding square footage to your home can increase your taxable square footage, especially if you’re in an area with high property taxes. 

Ready to Move Forward

If you’ve decided that converting your garage is the right move for you, call Cavalier Builders today and we can help you get the process started. Contact us at any of our locations in La Mirada, Hidden Hills, LA, and Woodland Hills CA at (866) 358-6385.

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update your kitchen

3 Top Things Everyone Should Do To Update Their Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and most families spend many hours cooking and eating in their kitchens. Having a kitchen you love is so important, and whether you do simple updates or completely gut and redo a kitchen, having it look how you want can make you so happy. Not only is it good for your mental health, but the updates you make in a kitchen usually give a great return on the value. 

1. Overhaul Cabinets

Updating cabinets in some way has probably the largest visible impact in a kitchen, as they take up so much space and are very visible from many angles. You can get all new cabinets, paint the existing ones you have, or even just get new doors for a fresh new look. You don’t have to spend a fortune to improve your cabinets, and just putting a layer of paint on them can make them look like new without having to replace them. 

Adding in crown molding, painting the upper cabinets a different color from the bottom, and even painting or replacing cabinet hardware are all some inexpensive updates that many people can do themselves. Changing the type of hardware you have can make a huge impact as well- changing pulls to knobs or knobs to pulls can also help affect the look of your whole kitchen. You can match all the finishes of the metals or choose to have different finishes, like having an oil-rubbed bronze faucet and brushed nickel drawer pulls.  

2. Update Countertops   

Updating countertops can be an inexpensive or expensive venture, depending on many factors like materials and the extensiveness of the project. If you’re looking for an update that isn’t permanent, is cheap, and will have a huge impact on the space, you may want to consider using contact paper to cover your existing countertops. Not only will it update the look, but can update the functionality as it is a new, clean, smooth surface.

Completely replacing countertops can completely change the look of the room, and there are less expensive options like butcher block or even concrete. Many do-it-yourselfers decide to make concrete countertops themselves by adding a finish onto their current countertops, which can save so much money. If you’re looking to completely replace your countertops, you can often find granite remnants for a good price. 

3. Add in Some Tile  

Adding in a fun tile on the backsplash or floor is a great way to add in some personality to a kitchen. Ceramic tile is great for backsplashes, but porcelain tile is a better choice for floors, as it resists chipping and cracking better than ceramic. Using a larger tile for the kitchen floor can be a better choice for a homeowner installing it themselves, as it requires less cutting and grout lines. 

Choosing in timeless styles like white subway tile can provide a good return on your investment, as the look of the tile won’t be out of style as quickly as some more trendy tiles. Choosing natural colored and neutral tile is also a good idea, as when you go to sell your house, you’re appealing to a wider variety of house hunters.

Give Us a Call to Update Your Kitchen

Whether you have some minor work to do or want to completely gut and renovate your kitchen Cavalier Builders can help with any job size. We enjoy serving our neighbors in the Hidden Hills, Los Angeles, La Mirada, and Woodland Hills, California areas. Give us a call today to get started on making your kitchen fresh and new!

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best time to remodel your home

When Is The Best Time To Remodel Your Home

If your house needs updating, you may be wondering when is the best time to remodel your home. Whether you’re looking to save money, make sure a contractor is available, or just want to avoid certain seasons, there are more preferred times of the year to remodel your home. When you own your own home, it seems like there’s always something that needs fixing or updated. You can definitely do projects at any point of the year, but knowing the best season for the projects can significantly cut costs and save you headaches. 

Spring and Summer 

Spring and summer are excellent seasons to do remodeling, but they may not end up being the most economical seasons. When you’re looking to do work on your home, it’s best to find a contractor before their busy season starts. When the weather changes and starts being nicer, it spurs many people to want to remodel their homes and do house and yard projects.  Some of the best spring and summer projects are:

  • Replacing or repairing a furnace. In the summer, most people aren’t thinking about their furnaces since they aren’t using them regularly. It can be a good time to get a great deal on a new furnace, as HVAC companies may be a lot less busy. Keep in mind that some heating companies may operate seasonally. 
  • Fix up a fireplace and sweep the chimney. If it’s the sweltering heat of the summer, most people aren’t thinking about operating their fireplaces or having their chimneys swept. If your fireplace needs updating, the masonry needs repairing, or you just need routine maintenance, many fireplaces, and chimney companies may be looking for work and will give you a better deal than, say, in winter. 
  • Replace windows. Most people want their windows replaced in the summer, so making sure you get on the schedule in early spring can save you time and money. 
  • Don’t remodel your bathroom. More people remodel their bathrooms in July than any other months, so by avoiding this project during the summer months can end up saving you serious cash. 

Fall and Winter Projects

When the weather starts turning towards winter, many people stop thinking about remodeling their homes and start preparing for the long, cold winter. Now can be a good time to take advantage of certain projects. For example, most people aren’t thinking about swimming or air conditioning in the fall, which can give you an advantage over some of the companies. 

  • Swimming pool repairs. Most people have closed their swimming pools for the season by fall. If you need repairs, or even something like a pool liner replaced, many pool companies are available and willing to help. 
  • Ducts cleaned. Before people start running their air conditioning units, a lot of people decide that is a good time to get their ducts cleaned. Starting with fresh and clean ducts is a great idea before you run the furnace. You should save money by having your ductwork cleaned in the fall or winter. 
  • Paint the house. Summer is the most popular time to paint the exterior of the house because of the temperature, but fall may be a better option due to lower temperatures. Depending on your climate, you may find that painters are a lot less busy in the fall, saving you some serious cash. 
  • New Air Conditioning unit. Just like replacing a furnace in the summer, replacing air conditioning units during the fall and winter can be a wonderful idea. 

Call Us For a Quote Today

If you’re thinking about home repairs, Cavalier Builders can help you in turning your house into a home you love. We serve our neighbors in the Hidden Hills, Los Angeles, La Mirada, and Woodland Hills, California areas. Contact us today and we can help you with all your home improvement needs!

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update the lighting in your home

Why You Should Update Your Lighting in Your Home

Light fixtures have a large impact on a room’s mood and design. Replacing outdated fixtures with more modern ones can update your home’s look, improve the lighting, and save energy. Whether you choose oversized light fixtures, smart bulbs, statement bulbs, dimmable fixtures, or even antiviral lighting, be sure to choose fixtures you love as you’re going to be looking at them many times a day for most likely many years. 

As times change, home design fads change as well. Lighting that used to be popular twenty years ago is probably now outdated. Not only is it important to update lighting to reflect your personal style, but there are many new products that can help save you money and energy too. 

Dimmable Fixtures 

Having a dimmable light fixture is such a wonderful idea in any room. Not only do they help change the brightness of the room, but they also cut glare and can help save energy as well. When you have the light fixture on a dimmer, you can turn basically any light into a night light. Using statement bulbs or smart bulbs in dimmable fixtures not only helps add more personality to the space, but it can also provide excellent functionality as well. 

Statement Bulbs 

Edison bulbs have rapidly gained popularity and for good reason. Their sleek, sexy look shows that lighting can serve more purposes than just functionality. Lightbulbs can become the focal point of a light fixture, or they can blend in more so that the fixture itself is the focal point. Milky, seeded, or clear glass statement bulbs can help accentuate the look you are going for in the room. It’s easy to customize both the light fixture and the light bulbs with all the different options that are available today.

Smart Bulbs 

Smart bulbs are a pretty new concept that allows homeowners to adjust the actual color temperature of light bulbs. When you purchase a regular light bulb, you only get one color temperature option. With the smart bulb, during the day you can set it for bright cool white lighting to help you during the workday. For dinner, you can warm and dim the lighting for a more romantic feel. At nighttime, you can warm up the lighting, even more, helping your body prepare for sleep.  

Oversized Light Fixtures

For many years, the lighting trend was to select fixtures that would blend in or disappear completely, but times have changed. Many people are now gravitating towards oversized light fixtures that are statement pieces, most likely due to higher ceilings and more open floor plans. When you have a large dining room table in an open concept floor plan, a small light fixture can get lost, but a larger one can really make an impact on the room. In outdoor spaces, more people are choosing smaller-sized fixtures to create more intimate and cozy areas. 

Call Us to Update The Lighting In Your Home

If you need light fixtures installed or replaced, Cavalier Builders can help you with the job, no matter how big or small. We are happy to serve our neighbors in the Hidden Hills, Los Angeles, La Mirada, and Woodland Hills, California areas. Call us today to set up an appointment for us to help you update the lighting in your home, and get ready to enjoy a fresh, new look!

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update your bathroom

4 Ways You Can Update Your Bathroom This Summer

If your bathroom has seen better days, updating it can be a great way to add some sweat equity and make it more enjoyable to spend time in. You don’t have to completely tear down and rebuild the bathroom to make a huge effect. There are some simple fixes you can do yourself, or you can hire a knowledgeable contractor to perform larger jobs for you. Whether you decide to do the project yourself, or you hire someone to do it for you, bathrooms are one of the best places to update for a good return on your money. 

1. Make Over Your Existing Vanity

If your bathroom vanity is outdated, there are many ways you can update it if you don’t want to replace it. Replacing the hardware is a very quick and inexpensive way to give it a fresh new look. Giving the vanity a new coat of paint can completely transform the look of the whole bathroom, and painting a nice neutral color or a bright, bold color can make it a relaxing oasis or spice up the bathroom. 

2. Replace Outdated Tile

If your bathroom tile is old, the grout is stained, or it’s just outdated, replacing floor, tub surround, or wall tile will bring the bathroom into today’s styles. Tiling is a job that most people can learn, but some prefer to leave it to the professionals as it is a more involved process than something like painting. There are many high quality tile products that you can install yourself, and some of the vinyl tiles look amazing when installed. Some of the vinyl tiles can even be grouted, which creates the look of ceramic tile without all the hard work of installing it. There are peel and stick tile options now that look real but are so easy to install! Choosing a tile like white subway tile is an excellent way to update the bathroom and choose a timeless tile that will hopefully last many, many years!

3. Swap Out Fixtures 

Light fixtures, bathroom faucets, bathtub faucets, showerheads, and even knobs and hinges can become outdated. The nice thing is if you’ve got outdated fixtures, you can either spray paint them for an inexpensive update or you can replace them for a brand new look. Changing out light fixtures and faucets is generally a pretty easy job, and it can really make a huge impact on the space. Shopping for new fixtures second-hand is also a great option to save money. Be sure to turn off the water and the electricity to the entire bathroom before you start replacing faucets or light fixtures. 

4. Replace Countertops

Old, outdated, and stained countertops can really make the bathroom look bad. Replacing the countertop with a granite remnant, nice piece of marble, or even a piece of Formica can really help update the bathroom. Cement countertops are durable, inexpensive, and long-lasting. They can be done by a do-it-yourselfer, or a contractor can custom make a countertop that will fit your space perfectly. 

Give Us a Call to Update Your Bathroom 

Whether you need a complete bathroom makeover, or just want to update your bathroom with a fresh coat of paint, Cavalier Builders can help you tackle any job, no matter how big or small. We enjoy serving our neighbors in the Hidden Hills, Los Angeles, La Mirada, and Woodland Hills, California areas. Give us a call today and we can help you get the bathroom of your dreams!

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easy bathroom updates

Easy Bathroom Updates You Can Make

Does your bathroom need a facelift? If you are looking for simple and uncomplicated updates that can be made to your bathroom, we can help. Cavalier Builders has helped many Los Angeles families make fabulous changes to their homes. In this article, we will discuss some of the easy changes that you can make to improve the overall look of your bathroom. 

Upgrade Vanity, Cabinets, and Hardware

The process of remodeling can add up in cost pretty quickly. Whether you are working on a budget or not, there are some great changes that you can make. The vanity, cabinets, and hardware can be changed to give it a brand new appearance. If you are wanting a whole new look, you can purchase a new style of vanity. Some styles are:

  • Pedestal 
  • Cabinet
  • Floating
  • Vessel 
  • Free-Standing
  • Single Sink Styles
  • Double Sink Styles
  • Under-Mounted
  • And More

To make changes to the existing one that you have, you can apply a few coats of paint to liven it up. The cabinets can be painted or changes out as well. Changes made to the hardware can change the aesthetic of it as well. 

Apply Fresh Paint To Walls and Trim

A fresh coat of paint can make an outdated or worn-down bathroom feel alive again. You can stick with the same color to get a clean and fresh look. Accent walls are a trendy look that can add character. You can do this with bold colors, designs, and even wallpaper.

The trim in your bathroom can get dirty and scuffed quickly. There is constant traffic in and out and the trim will take a lot of wear and tear. You can apply a fresh coat of paint to it and freshen everything back up. A bright white is good for trim, to avoid it looking dirty all of the time. 

Paint Outdated Flooring

Do you want to replace the flooring in your bathroom? Is it out of your budget to have it done? A solution to that problem is to paint the flooring. A popular way of giving a bathroom a new appearance with minimal cost is to paint the floor. 

You will purchase a floor coating paint that is designed for this purpose. It is applied to a clean, dry floor with a roller. There isn’t any need to worry about the grout, as you are going to paint right over it as well. This can make you feel like you have a whole new floor, without the same cost. 

Install New Lighting

Are you looking for a different aesthetic appearance for your lighting than you have? You can change your lighting in the bathroom to not only give it the look you are going for but to improve the lighting as well. Bad lighting in the bathroom can leave you struggling to get ready in the morning or read labels of medicine. 

There are different styles and looks that you can choose from. You can add can lighting as well for added brightness. Some options you have for lighting in your bathroom are:

  • Wall Mounted Lighting
  • Above Vanity Lighting
  • Mood Lighting
  • Accent Lighting
  • Decorative Lighting
  • Under-Cabinet Lighting
  • Back-Lighting Mirrors

Cavalier Builders Would Love To Help

Cavalier Builders is a highly recommended contracting company in the Los Angeles, CA community. Our trained and trustworthy contractors will give you the information that you are needing for renovations. It would be our pleasure to assist you with the remodeling services you need for updating your bathroom. Call today to get additional information about the services that we can provide for you. 

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home renovations

Top Renovations Everyone Wants In 2021

Are you looking to remodel your home? Some awesome designs are trending right now in 2021. If you are looking for a fantastic contracting company to help you with your renovations, contact Cavalier Builders. The contractors at our company are all licensed, bonded, and insured to give you the confidence you need in hiring us. 

What Are You Renovating?

When it comes to renovating your home, you may be torn on where to begin. Renovations are an expensive and time-consuming project to start at your home. If you are trying to stick to a tight budget, you may have to get a little creative in your planning. 

If you like to keep up with what is in style and trending, you want a company that can deliver that to you. Let’s look into what is trending right now in 2021.

Spa-Like Bathrooms

2021 has brought about people who stay home more these days. You couldn’t get out and go to the spa with the pandemic. Therefore, you had to make the spa come to you. Que all the comfy, cozy, and relaxing vibes that you can find. 

Bathroom remodels are a big thing right now. You can do many things to make your bathroom a more relaxing retreat for you to hide away in—everything from a bathtub with jets and oversized rain showerheads. 

Home Office Renovations

The recent pandemic caused many people who never have worked remotely to begin doing so. For many people, this was a struggle in many different ways. One, they had to find a place at home to work and accomplish their daily tasks. Two, it is challenging to separate work-life from home-life when it is all in the same place.

If your only option was to work at the kitchen table, it probably isn’t working out too well for you. Many businesses found that they can keep many of their employees working from home. Many people are renovating their homes in 2021 to add in a home office, whether that is through an addition to their home or garage conversion. 

Accent Wall Designs

Accent walls are not a new thing. Many people have one area of their walls that are another color or design. The difference is, many people didn’t require a nice background for their work video conferences. Fun, sophisticated, or funky accent walls are a nice aesthetic to the back of their zoom call. 

The trend in 2021 is to go above just a pop of color on a wall but to add a design to it. A professional contractor or designer can assist you with what would look best for your home. There are so many ideas that you can go with, such as statement wallpaper, unique shelving, stained glass designs, and so much more. 

Outdoor Gathering Areas

2020 brought on a lot of family time. This was one of the few plus sides of the pandemic. This sparked many renovations made to the exterior of people’s homes. 

When the weather warms up just a little bit, many people will be ready to begin 2021 with some gatherings now that COVID is lessening. The outdoor spaces that were built will be the perfect spot for outdoor fun. Some great ideas are:

  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Outdoor Pizza Oven
  • Patios and Decks
  • Swing Sets
  • Pergolas
  • And More

Contact Cavalier Builders For More Information

Cavalier Builders is a reputable contracting company in the Los Angeles, CA communities. If you are ready to begin a renovation in your home, call us today. We would be happy to help you with whatever needs that you have. Our staff looks forward to hearing from you soon.

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garage conversion

Benefits of A Garage Conversion

Have you considered a garage conversion for more usable space in your home? Additions being added to your home can be very costly due to needing a foundation laid. You should think about converting all or some of your garage into the needed space you’re looking for. Cavalier Builders is a great contracting company in Woodland Hills, CA, that can help you with garage conversions. 

What Is A Garage Conversion

Many people have garages at their homes and don’t use them to store their vehicles. It becomes a place to store boxes and extra items that you don’t have room for in your home. Even if you use your garage for your vehicle, you may be able to utilize half of it for the usable living space you need. 

You can turn a garage space into about anything that you need to. If you are working from home and need a place to call an office or if you need a play area for kids, a garage conversion can be the answer. Some other options are:

  • Guest Room Or Garage Apartment
  • Art Studio Or Craft Room
  • Home Gym Or Weight Room
  • Movie Room Or Game Room
  • Music or Sound Studio
  • Teen Hang Out Or Man Cave
  • Hobby Room or Collectibles Space
  • And So Much More

Reasons A Garage Conversion Is A Good Idea

A garage conversion can be an excellent idea for many different reasons. It is away from the main part of the house and offers a bit of a separation from the commotion. Even with an attached garage, you will still get the separation. If it is used as an office, it is a way to separate work from home life. Financially, it is a project that costs less money than adding to your home. 

The value of your home will improve as well. Garage space doesn’t appraise for as much as living space does, but when it is converted into usable space, that changes. The value of the renovated space value is the same as the space inside your home. If you can still leave room for the vehicle to park, that is even better.

Costs and Time Of A Garage Conversion

Construction projects in your home can vary by company and by the amount of work you are doing. If your garage is smaller and does not need as much work, then the time and cost will be less than a larger garage. It is based on the amount of work that the contractors need to do in the long run. Don’t forget to consider the need for:

  • Running Electricity Wiring
  • Installing Plumbing
  • The Need For Walls and Insulation
  • Installation Of Flooring
  • Installation Of Heating And Cooling
  • Installing Windows

In most cases, the cost of a garage conversion is going to be substantially less than an addition being made to your home. The foundation that needs laying is the costly part of the project for home additions. With a garage conversion, that is not usually needed. An average cost of a garage conversion is around five to twenty thousand dollars and takes four to six weeks. 

Call Cavalier Builders Today

If you have a garage that you would like to convert into a usable space for your home, call Cavalier Builders today. We are a licensed and bonded company in Woodland Hills, CA, and it would be our pleasure to help you with your needs. Our contractors can also help you in the surrounding communities as well. Call today to get additional information about all the services we can do for you.

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Garage Conversion and Remodel in Maywood, CA 90270

Do you live in Maywood, CA, and need a general contractor for remodeling and converting a garage? Many steps are required to do this successfully, and you want an experienced contractor to do the work. Cavalier Builders can help you with the construction needs that you have. 

Cavalier Builders Services

Cavalier Builders is a family-owned and operated construction company in Woodland Hills. We have been serving the community for over 20 years. If you want to turn your unused part of the garage into needed space, a garage conversion is a perfect idea. Some of the fun things that you can turn this space into are:

  1. Movie Room
  2. Home Office
  3. Art Studio
  4. Home Gym
  5. Teen Hangout
  6. Spare Room
  7. Garage Apartment

You will need to obtain a few documents from the city to begin this job, such as a permit and some signed papers. Once that’s done, the real fun part can begin. When you are trying to consider the cost, it will depend on the amount of work that is needed and the size of the space. 

Maywood, CA 90270 Is Great

Maywood is a great community in the Los Angeles county area. It is one of the smallest cities in the area, but it still has plenty of fun things about it. The population last recorded having less than 27,500 residents. Cavalier Builders is always happy to provide services to this community. 

Cavalier Builders Can Help

Cavalier Builders can help you with your garage conversion and remodeling needs. Call today to speak to one of our employees. They can inform you of all the information you are needing. We are located in Woodland Hills, CA, and provide services in the surrounding communities. Contact us today to get started on your remodeling project. 

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