Walk in Tub Installation in Los Angeles

Walk-tubs are a great option for those who have difficulty getting into and out of bathtubs. They provide you a sense of security so you can take your bath in peace. Our team here at Cavalier Builders is here to install walk-in tubs to people throughout the greater Los Angeles area. 

What is a Walk-In Tub

A walk-in tub is a bathtub with a watertight door that allows you to step into the tub over a low threshold to increase safety while getting into the bath. The door closes, the tub fills with water. When you are done with the bath, the water will drain, allowing you to open the door and step out safely. 

There’s a wide range of models and configurations available to meet the needs of almost every customer and housing situation. Usually, these tubs will go in a corner in your bathroom or will replace your old tub. There are even walk-in tubs available for easy transfer from a wheelchair to the tub seat. 

Benefits of a Walk-In Tub

Walk-in tubs are common for those remodeling their homes to revolve around safety, specifically preventing falls. This is because walk-in tubs are much safer for those who are at risk of failing than regular tubs or showers. You can easily get in and out without having to worry about slipping. Here are some benefits of walk-in tubs:

  • Safety – Over a-third of adults over the age of 65 fall each year and over 80% do so in the bathroom. Walk-in tubs can greatly reduce falls
  • Features – Walk-in tubs can offer far more features than regular bathtubs and showers. These tubs combine over tub seats, add-on handrails, anti-scald valves, and non-slip flooring
  • Hydrotherapy – Warm water can reduce certain aches and pains. It can also increase the speed of healing of certain injuries. Walk-in tubs allow the user to soak in deeper warm water
  • Comparable water usage – Many people think, due to the nature of the walk-in tub, that it requires more water to fill up. However, a standard tub requires 42-80 gallons while a walk-in tub requires 50

There are many benefits to adding a walk-in tub to your bathroom. If you’re remodeling your house to focus on safety, adding one of these to your bathroom is a no brainer. 

Our Recent Projects

We recently helped one of our clients in Los Angeles make their home safer by adding a walk-in tub to their bathroom. The project took us very little time and our client was able to enjoy his new tub almost instantly. We even made sure that the tub matched the aesthetic of the bathroom to maintain the style of the room. 

We can add walk-in tubs to your bathroom regardless of the size or configuration. Most of our clients request that we replace their former tub with a new walk-in tub. We can also add tubs to the corner of your room or in some cases, take down some walls to create space for the new tub. 

Walk-In Tub Installation in Los Angeles

Our team is proud of the services we offer to the people of Los Angeles, California, and the surrounding communities. We are a family-owned and operated business with over 20-years of experience in the area. There is no problem, big or small, that we can’t handle! 

If you’re in need of general contractor services, give us a call and we can provide you with a free consultation and a free estimate. We are fully licensed and bonded. In addition, we are proud to have some of the best ratings in Los Angeles, and we offer an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

Call Today

If you’re looking to make your home a safer place then we’re ready to help. Our team here at Cavalier Builders offers walk-in tub installation services on top of the other great general contractor services we offer. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, give us a call today and we can help you!

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remodel your home

4 Ways You Can Remodel Your Home in Santa Clarita

Are you looking to do a remodel in your home? It can be a difficult process trying to make all the decisions about how you want it done. Having someone who is knowledgeable and trained in the job makes things a little more easily understood. They can explain how everything works and what all needs to be done.

Sometimes you need more room for a new addition to the family or even when you are sprucing the place up to get ready to sell. There are many reasons that you may be wanting to remodel your home. The staff at Cavalier Builders are licensed professionals and would love to help you with your next project. 

Walls Needing A Fresh New Color Of Paint

Sometimes when you look around your house you think everything looks dull and needs some TLC. Fresh paint on the walls could give you just what you are looking for. You can give a whole new appearance to your home with a simple task of changing the wall color. Even if you choose the same color, you can still give a new and clean appearance to the room with a fresh coat of paint. 

Upgrade Your Hardware and Fixtures

It can amaze you how much little details being upgraded in the home can make a huge difference. Think about all the door pulls, light fixtures, electrical outlet covers, faucets, and light switch covers. Things that you don’t think about that often when it comes to remodeling. 

Changing out those things and upgrading them to something either more modern, fancier, or just simply to something newer can change so much about the room’s appearance. Small little details of things can actually make a big statement. 

Remodel The Kitchen or Bathroom

Whether you are wanting to do a partial remodel or a full-blown remodel of your home, these areas are a very common one to make upgrades and changes to. You can do it as simple as you want or as big as you want. The simple very cost-effective things you can do are refacing cabinets or adding a backsplash. 

In the bathroom, there are many things you can do as well. You could choose to do a full gut of the bathroom and change it all, or you can choose to focus on upgrading a few things at a time. Making a list of the areas you want to see a difference in would be an effective way to decide what all you want to do.

Additional Rooms 

Are you needing more room in your house? One big reason that many people decide to add additional rooms to their homes, is when they are going to be bringing home a new baby. There is also the need for a den, a playroom, an office, and many more things. Whatever the reason is that you need more space it is a process to do. 

There are many decisions that can go into this. Such as deciding where to put the new addition, how big does it need to be, and who should we get to build it? Even though it can be an inconvenient project to have going on at your house, the reward at the end makes it worth it. 

Call Cavalier Builders Today

When you are searching for contractors in your area, give Cavalier Builders a call. We would be honored to help you with all the remodeling needs that you have. The staff is trained and knowledgeable to help you make the decisions needed.

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Garage Conversion in Woodland Hills Increases Property Value

Garage conversions are a great way to add a new room to your home without spending tens of thousands of dollars! Here at Cavalier Builders, we help people in the Woodland Hills area with their garage door renovations. If you have any questions regarding garage door conversions and how they can help your home, we’re here to help. 

Garage Conversion Ideas

A garage conversion project is one of the most exciting home renovation projects for homeowners. It’s an opportunity for them to let their imagination run wild! When converting your garage into another room, you’re only limited by your imagination and building regulations. Here are some great garage conversion ideas:

  • Home gym
  • Guest bedroom
  • Kid play area
  • Office
  • Home theatre
  • Mancave
  • Large bathroom

Before embarking on a garage conversion journey, be sure to check your building regulations. Although rare, certain neighborhoods may prohibit garage conversions. Others may have strict restrictions regarding what you can and cannot turn your garage into. 

Converting Your Garage Can Boost Your Property Value

If you’re planning on selling your home soon, converting your garage is a great way to drive up the property value! If a conversion is done in an area where there is still plenty of space for homeowners to park off the street, it can increase the home’s value by 6% or more. Keep in mind, a conversion in an area where parking is a premium can result in lost value. 

A conversion is also a great way to add to your house without spending an absurd amount of money. Depending on your location, building an additional room could cost anywhere from $20,000-$60,000. A garage renovation, on the other hand, costs around $11,000 on average, potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars. 

Project We Have Completed

We have recently worked with a client in the Woodland Hills area, to convert their garage into a two-bedroom, one-bathroom living space. The client had a double car garage that was 400 square feet. We added 250 square feet which allowed us to add two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen. 

We also added an ac/heating unit and a tankless water heater. Adding an ac or heating unit to your garage isn’t something that’s only reserved for bedrooms and living areas. If you want to convert your garage, we highly recommend at least insulating your garage and in warmer climates, adding an ac unit.

Services in the Woodland Hills Area

Cavalier Builders is a family-owned and operated business with more than 20-years of experience working in the greater Los Angeles area. We’re happy to be able to offer our services to residents in Woodland Hills, California and the surrounding communities. 

When you need a home remodeling contractor, we’re here to help. We offer free in-home consultations to help you decide whether or not you should chase your home renovation dreams. 

Call Now

If you’re looking to get the most out of your home, consider converting your garage into a new room! Our team here at Cavalier Builders works with people in the Woodland Hills, California area on their garage conversions! Give us a call today to find out what it is we can do for you. 

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Modern Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angels

Bathroom remodels can help you in both the short-term and the long-term! They can provide an instant boost to the quality of your home while boosting the property value of your home if you ever consider selling. Here at Cavalier Builders, we help the people of Los Angeles with their bathroom remodeling and other remodeling service needs. 

Bathroom Remodeling Services

If you’re looking to liven up the home, but aren’t trying to spend tens of thousands of dollars, a bathroom remodel is the way to go! You can create a new calming spa area or boost the energy efficiency of your bathroom. Here are some of the benefits of remodeling your bathroom:

  • Boost storage space – adding more storage solutions to your bathrooms such as cabinets and shelves can help reduce clutter elsewhere in the house
  • Energy-efficient lighting – remodels present the opportunity to upgrade light fixtures to new, energy-efficient fixtures 
  • Make repairs – you may be completely unaware of the repairs needed in your bathroom. A remodel is a great way to replace any appliances that may need repairs 
  • Add a spa – in recent years, homeowners have turned to turn their bathrooms into a comfortable, luxurious spa area

Unfortunately, bathroom remodels are often overlooked by most homeowners. It’s a great way to boost the property value of your home without spending an absurd amount of money. 

How Bathroom Remodels Can Boost Your Property Value

If you’re considering selling your home any time soon, a bathroom remodel is a good way to boost the value of your home. Experts estimate that bathroom remodels can see a 44.6% return on your home. Keep in mind, an outdated bathroom can deter many potential buyers from buying your home. 

Potential buyers will be excited by a new, modern-looking bathroom with updated facilities. There’s even an added boost if you turn your master bedroom into a spacious and comfortable feeling spa. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home anytime soon, a bathroom renovation is a practical update that will add comfort and style to your home.

An Example of our Services

We recently worked with a client in the Los Angeles area on an ambitious bathroom remodeling process. We gave their old, outdated bathroom a huge upgrade, leaving it looking sleek and modern. By re-doing the countertops, flooring, shower area, and paint job, we were able to give the bathroom a more modern look. 

We Work in Los Angeles

Our team is proud of the services we offer to the people of Los Angeles, California, and the surrounding communities. We are a family-owned and operated business with over 20-years of experience in the area. There is no problem, big or small, that we can’t handle! 

If you’re in need of general contractor services, give us a call and we can provide you with a free consultation and a free estimate. We are fully licensed and bonded. In addition, we are proud to have some of the best ratings in Los Angeles, and we offer an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

Call Now

If you’re looking to boost the property value of your home while adding to your quality of life, a bathroom renovation is a way to go. Our team here at Cavalier Builders is here to help people in the Los Angeles area with bathroom renovations and other home renovation services. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you. 


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Kitchen Remodeling in Burbank, CA Gives Home a Fresh Look

Remodeling your home is a great way to upgrade your house while boosting its property value! One of the most common areas to remodel is the kitchen. An upgraded kitchen brings more space, accessibility, and energy-saving appliances. If you’re looking for a kitchen remodel in the Burbank, California area, our team at Cavalier Builders is here to help. 

Kitchen Remodeling Services

In today’s day in age, kitchen appliance technology seems to be advancing on a daily basis. A kitchen remodel is a great way to update all of your appliances while also providing a much-needed boost to the quality of your home. Here are some of the other reasons why you might want to reconsider a kitchen remodel:

  • Eliminate inconvenience – One of the top reasons to remodel your kitchen is to improve the functionality of the space. Older kitchens may have awkward configurations that make the space feel cramped
  • Meet your family needs – If you’re a growing family, you may need more seating space, countertop space, oven or burner option, or more cabinet space
  • Update your style – If it’s been a while since you’ve last updated your kitchen, it probably needs a visual tune-up. Upgrade your kitchen so it better fits your style
  • Increase energy and water savings – Older kitchen appliances can take a huge amount of energy to run. Appliances over 25-years olf do not have the EPA’s Energy Star seal

Let’s not forget possibly the biggest advantage of remodeling your kitchen, a boost to your home’s property value. 

Remodeling Your Kitchen Can Boost Your Homes Value

If you’re thinking of selling your home soon, remodeling your kitchen is a great way to boost its value. Homeowners who renovate their kitchens can often see up to 90% of the cost added onto their home value when it’s done. Of course, this all depends on your location and the quality of the renovation. 

Remodeling will also help you land a sale more quickly. Buyers are often very picky about kitchens and will almost always choose a home that’s remodeled over one that needs updating. An old, gloomy-looking kitchen can be a major turnoff for any potential home buyer. 

An Example of Our Remodeling Services

We recently helped a client in the Burbank area with an ambitious kitchen remodeling project. We removed a load-bearing wall to open a small kitchen up to the living room. The kitchen has updated appliances and fits in aesthetically with the remainder of the house. 

We can remove walls to create another room for a kitchen or turn previous rooms into kitchens, such as a garage. One of our most common services is removing load-bearing walls to create a more open feel in the kitchen. While you’re not actually adding space, removing walls can make your home feel brand new. 

Remodeling Services in Burbank

Our team of fully licensed and bonded contractors is happy to help the people of Burbank, California with their kitchen remodeling needs. The team at Cavalier Builders has over two decades worth of experience in the Los Angeles area. This means there is no renovation dream too big for us to handle! 

When you give us a call we’ll come out and give your free consultation and a free estimate. From there, you can decide if we make a perfect match! We have some of the highest ratings in the area and offer an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

Call Today

If you’re looking to get more out of your kitchen, our team here at Cavalier Builders is ready to help. We offer a wide range of general contractor services in the Burbank area, including kitchen remodeling services. Give us a call to find out what it is we can do for you!

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5 Reasons To Install A Walk In Tub

Over time, our bodies begin to decline in certain functions and abilities. For the older population, this may mean not being as steady on their feet or not being able to balance well. Despite these issues, we want to ensure that our elderly friends and family can maintain a sense of independence while keeping them safe. 

One of the best tools to allow them to do so is by installing a walk-in tub. But, it’s not only beneficial for the elderly, everyone can benefit from this type of tub, including young children and the disabled. Below are just a few reasons you should consider a walk-in bathtub for your home.

Providing Safety

From a safety perspective, a walk-in tub is ideal for the aging population, disabled, and young children. Slips and falls are very common in bathrooms, but with this type of tub, individuals can easily walk in and out without risk. 

Many are built with safety bars to grasp when maneuvering, as well as non-slip surfaces and even benches, to sit while bathing. With all of these safety features, chances of falling and causing severe injury are quite slim, providing comfort for the individual and entire family.

Offering Relaxation

These tubs are also great because of the relaxation aspect they provide. The door seals completely, allowing for a proper and luxurious bathing experience for anyone, regardless of age or health status. Furthermore, many of these tubs are equipped with air and water jets that can provide a massage and spa-like treatment within the home, perfect for revitalizing the body. 

Allowing Independence

Another great quality of a walk-in tub is the independence it provides for those who are not typically able-bodied. Bathing in the aging or disabled population can be embarrassing and overwhelming, especially when help is required. 

However, having a bathtub with a door that provides easy access and is wheelchair accessible, changes everything. Individuals are able to continue bathing on their own and can retain a sense of privacy, dignity, and even confidence.

Providing Health Benefits

As mentioned, many walk-in tubs are equipped with several jets that allow for hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy has several great benefits, including the following:

  • Relieving pain, fatigue, tension, swelling, and aching muscles
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Boosting immunity
  • Easing the discomfort of those with arthritis and joint problems
  • Helping with depression and improving one’s mood and mental state
  • Improving overall health 

So, why spend money on this type of treatment, when you can access it right in the comfort of your own home?


If you have ever seen a walk-in tub, you’ve probably assumed the cost of installing one is astronomical. The reality is, however, that they are quite affordable and come in a style that will fit almost any bathroom. 

Installation is easy and, most of the time takes as little as one day to do so. Furthermore, they add value to your home and could even prevent having to hire outside help to assist in bathing family members who are not able-bodied.

Update Your Bathroom Today!

So if you have been considering updating your bathroom with a walk-in tub, or would like one for a family member, give Cavalier Builders Inc. a call! We are a family-owned and operated business that understands the desire to protect and care for the ones you love and we’d appreciate the opportunity to show how we can help you do that. 

With the safety and independence this tub provides, it seems like a no brainer. We will work with you to find the right fit and style to match your home perfectly. So call today to discuss your options for your new bathtub and to schedule your install today!

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5 Questions To Ask Your Contractor Before Pouring Your Concrete Pool?

A pool is an addition everyone in the house would love for your backyard. But, as we all know, the cost can scare you. It is very important that you make the right decision on who you use to put in your pool. 

Financially speaking, question them. You want to make sure that you are questioning your contractor about everything. Ask them all the hard questions, to make sure you are sure you want to go with this company. The last thing you want is to be left with a half dug pool, and they disappear. 

Are You Licensed, Insured, and Bonded?

You want to ask this question, so you don’t get stuck in a bad place. Having these 3 things is just an added boost of confidence for you. This means that they are abiding by the law and stand behind their work.

There are a lot of different rules and codes that need to be followed when installing a pool. If they are not licensed, you have a higher risk of them not following all the rules. When it comes to this kind of work, you want it done right.

Are Their Reviews Good?

With technology the way it is now, you can find just about anything you need to know online. If someone has done a less than acceptable job, most likely a simple internet search and you will find it. Do a lot of research before picking your contractor, and read all about them before calling them. 

You do have to read them and make your own decision though. Sometimes people will leave bad reviews to blast them for something out of their control. If you only see a couple bad reviews among hundreds of good ones, it’s up to you to decide. 

How Many Years of Experience Do They Have?

By all means, everyone has to start somewhere. But, think about the investment that you are making in this. Digging an in-ground pool is a very high dollar ticket. 

Hire someone with experience. A contractor with experience will be able to answer your questions right away. While still making you feel they are the right people for the job. Finding someone with five or more years of experience is ideal.

What Is The Process of Installing This Pool?

A good pool contractor will be able to answer this question with ease. They shouldn’t hesitate and stumble their words. They will know all the information needed to make you confident for them to dig your pool. 

They should know the ins and out of all the in-depth questions you may have. The pressure of the system and the chemicals needed. All about the care you are going to need to take for it. The more information they know, the better it should make you feel about them being your choice. 

Are They A Member of The Better Business Bureau?

The better business bureau isn’t something that just anyone can walk into. You have to apply and be accepted. You are held at high standards. 

If their business is a member then most likely they are a good business. You should be able to trust them to follow through with the job and do it right. 

Let Us Help You With Your New Pool

Cavalier Builders is a family-owned company located in California. They are a highly trained group of contractors ready to help you with your next project. Give them a call today and set up an appointment to get your project started.


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Should I Repair or Rebuild my Deck?

Do you have a deck at home that you want to revamp? Trying to decide if it is worth fixing or if you should just rebuild it all together? Sometimes there is so much to be done, that it would make more sense to rebuild. Trying to make the right decision can be hard. Especially, when you are not familiar with all that goes into it. 

Hiring someone to come and look at the project might be a good idea. That way you have an opinion from a professional to give you your options. The staff at Cavalier Builders is trained and educated in making these helpful insights. 

Repairing Isn’t Always Cheaper

When you are making the decision to repair your deck you have a lot to consider. It may seem like the most cost effective thing is to just repair what needs fixed. That isn’t always the case though. These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself:

  • How old is it? 
  • How much needs to be done? 
  • What shape are the boards in?
  • What is the cost of everything?
  • If hiring, what is the cost of labor?

When you are evaluating everything, the cost may add up pretty quickly. It may start growing to just as much as it would be to rebuild. At that point, you may want to consider rebuilding the whole thing. 

The age of the deck will play a big role in what you decide to do. Even though the things seem simple to fix, the things you have to replace due to being outdated can add up very fast. Asking a professional for some help to make the right decision will help ease your mind. 

Making The Decision To Rebuild My Deck

If you have evaluated your deck and decided that rebuilding it is the best option for you. Now, you need to think about if you are going with the same layout, or changing things up. Going with the same layout would be the easiest option.

Since you are starting over though, this gives you the opportunity to change a few things. It never fails that when you build something, you begin to think about all the things you would have done differently. The stuff you would have changed if you had the ability to.

Do some research and find a reputable builder. They will be able to help you with all of your questions. They will also give advice on the best way to accomplish your wishes. 

Helping The Aesthetics of Your Deck

To finish the look of your new deck in your yard, laying new grass and sod will make everything look fresh and new. All the work being done, has a good chance of messing up the grass. This way everything will look fresh and clean when you’re finished. Just make sure you have a level surface to put it down.

You can then go around and add some flowers or shrubs. During the spring, summer and fall. The outside areas of our home become where we love to hang out. By adding a little something pretty to look at, will make you enjoy it that much more. 

Call Us Today  

We at Cavalier Builders are committed to helping you with all your dreams for your decking needs. We have been serving in the Woodland Hills, California area since 1999. It would be our honor to help you out with all your questions you may have. Give us a call and get an appointment.


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Increase Your Home Value by Turning Your Garage Into A Guest Room

Increase Your Home Value by Turning Your Garage Into A Guest Room

Converting your garage into a new room can provide you with more living space, a more appealing home, and a boost in your home’s property value! Instead of spending tens of thousands on new room additions, consider converting your garage. Here are a few things our team at Sevan Locks and Doors recommend considering when thinking about turning your Seattle area garage into a new room.

Consider Budget

If you’re looking to add extra living space to your home, converting your garage is one of the most cost-efficient ways possible. Adding extra space to your property is not only an expensive endeavor, but it may also go against neighborhood codes. While adding extra property may cost tens of thousands of dollars, the average cost of a garage conversion is between $6,000 and $19,000. 

The cost will largely depend on the size of your garage and the type of room you are planning to turn it into. A simple guest room or living space may cost as little as $5,000. More intricate rooms such as a kitchen or bathroom may be more expensive as they require plumbing. 


If you are converting your garage space into an extra room, insulation is a necessity. Insulation helps keeps the elements on the outside. Without insulation, your new living space may be far too cold in the winter and far too warm in the summer to live in. 

Even if you aren’t converting your garage into a living space, insulation can help you save money in the long run. Insulating your garage can save you money on your energy bill. Your cooling and heating systems won’t have to work as hard to compensate for the temperature of your garage. 

Are Permits Required?

Since you will be changing the way a space of your home will be used, you will more than likely need building permits. This will differ depending on your location, however. Some neighborhoods and cities require that your living space have a covered parking option. 

It is important to contact your city’s zoning department so you know whether or not you will be in need of a permit. Without a permit, your room may be considered illegal. This will have the opposite effect on your home, tanking its property value. 

What Other Types of Rooms Can Your Garage be Turned Into?

While a guest room is one of the most popular choices among homeowners, there are plenty of different things you could turn your garage into. Whatever you choose to your garage into will depend on what you’re hoping to get out of your new room. Here are some garage conversion ideas:

  • Child’s playroom
  • Office
  • Art studio
  • Family room
  • Mancave 
  • Theatre room

Much like a guest bedroom, any of these rooms will provide a boost to your home’s property value. You can be as creative as possible when it comes to your garage. The only limitations you will have are those set upon you by local regulations and budgetary restrictions. 

Get the Most Out of Your Garage!

If you don’t need the extra storage space and are looking for extra living space, converting your garage into a guest room is a great choice! If you live in the Seattle area and are looking to renovate your garage, give our team at Sevan Locks and Doors a call today! We can help you upgrade your home.

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pictures of room additions

5 Things To Think About Before Adding On To Your Home

An extra guest bedroom, a man cave, a new kitchen, or an office can be great new additions to your home. A new room can boost the property value of your home and can help you get more out of your investment. Before you go full send on a new room addition, here are five things our team here at Cavalier Builders recommend you consider. 

1. What is Your Budget

Much like when you were buying your home, having a set budget in mind is a must when considering a room addition. The average cost of adding a room or house addition is $40,942. However, costs do vary greatly from project to project so it’s very likely your bill doesn’t run up that high. 

Start with a plan and square footage estimate. Once you have that it makes it easier to get an estimate from local professionals. Your budget should plan for things going wrong and additional money needed to be spent elsewhere in case of emergency. 

2. Will it Pay Off in the Long Run?

Even though the cost of a new room addition may seem high, it can pay off in the long run. This is a great way to not only boost the property value of your home but its appeal as well. Here is what you may expect to get back on popular home addition investments:

  • Sunroom addition – 49% return
  • Bathroom addition – 53% return
  • Master suite additions – 63% return
  • Two-story addition – 65% return

Even if you’re not planning on selling your home in the near future, these additions can still pay dividends down the line. 

3. Are There any Building Restrictions?

Before you make any final decisions on room additions, it’s crucial that you make sure there are no building restrictions that will prevent the new room addition from happening. Restrictions vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. Reach out to your city and county officials for a breakdown of rules in your area. 

Local governments put in place ‘cutoff lines’ that prevent you from adding past a certain point. These lines are to prevent house fires from spreading and to protect the aesthetic of the neighborhood. Some neighborhoods also have height restrictions which may prevent you from building up. 

4. Should You Remodel Instead?

The cost of adding new rooms to your home can add up very quickly. This is why you should consider all of your options before making a decision one way or the other. Room remodelings are a cheaper alternative and home remodeling companies are creative enough to turn a hardly used room into almost anything. 

If you have rooms in your house that get no use like a basement, an extra bedroom, or the garage, perhaps you could turn one of those into a new room. If every room of your home is in use and you’re looking to add new space then a room addition may be the best choice. 

5. Should You Build Up or Out?

Building up could help you save money because you will not need excavation and foundation work. However, you may need an architect because it is more complicated than staying on the ground. If you do plan on growing out, a detached addition can help save you money. 

These additions include guest houses, home offices, and garages. 

Cavalier Builders is Here for Your Home Renovation Needs

If you’re looking for home renovation services in the Los Angeles area, our team at Cavalier Builders is here to help. We have over 20-years of experience helping the people of Southern California add new rooms or remodel old rooms in their homes. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you!

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