Battleship USS Iowa Museum

If  you are a history buff living in or visiting the Los Angeles area, you will be able to visit a large piece of history at the Battleship USS Iowa Museum. Located not far from the Cavalier Builders Inc office, you will be able to visit this beautiful piece of history. 

Where Is The Battleship Located?

On the bay of Los Angeles, you can visit the USS Iowa at 250 S Harbor Boulevard. With plenty of things to do, including several maritime attractions for the lovers of boats, this museum is at a perfect location to learn about the history of the USS Iowa  and take in the gorgeous scenic views of the bay.

What To Do At The Museum?

Within the museum, you can discover the artifacts gallery and see things that were on the battleship during the war. You can also see the Korean War helicopter, the HUP-2, out on the deck of the museum. Even explore the recreation of a shipwreck found under the surface of the water that was explored by Dr. Bob Ballard. You can even see the history and evolution of the surface ships used at war.  The Gunnery Hazards exhibit explores the impact that humans have on overseas weapons. 

What Else Is Near the Museum? 

After a visit at the Battleship USS Iowa Museum, you can take a tour of the bayside of Los Angeles to enjoy more of the area. Further down Harbor Boulevard, just off of 5th street, you can visit the Los Angeles Maritime Museum. From there, you have plenty of options, from grabbing a bite to eat at the Port Pantry, who have been known to have good fish tacos. As well, you can visit the Fire Department museum or the Los Angeles waterfront. You can even go to the heart of Los Angeles and visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame or visit the Hollywood Wax Museum.

How To Get To The Museum From Cavalier Builders Inc

Only 42 miles from the Cavalier Builders Inc office, located at 20121 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 208, Woodlands, Ca, you can visit the Battleship USS Iowa Museum. If you’re planning your route for errands or planning to drop something off at the office, you can take interstate 405 all the way down to the museum. Click here to visit another local attraction. 

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