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Are you planning to make changes and updates to your home through remodeling or renovations? If so, finding a licensed contractor who will provide high-quality work is an essential part of the process. If you live in Covina, CA, you are in luck. Cavalier Builders inc. has been around since 1999 and provides services in that area for home repairs, remodeling, renovation, and construction.

Cavalier Builders is committed to delivering quality work for a reasonable price. Our experts are fully licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that your project will be completed with the utmost care.

We Are Licensed Contractors That Service Covina, CALicensed Contractor in Covina, CA

Cavalier Builders Inc. meets Contractors State License Board (CSLB) requirements. Our professionals are both insured and bonded and take additional steps for their business to provide their customers with the best services. The benefits of hiring one of our licensed contractors includes the following:

  • They have the necessary skills and character and are trustworthy to perform a service
  • Bonding guarantees the completion of work; if it is not, then the homeowner will receive the money the company put towards the bond.
  • Insurance will cover any damages that happen due to accidental improper installation or injury that may occur to either the workers or homeowners.
  • Hiring a licensed contractor prevents the customer from spending extra money on legal expenses if anything goes wrong while performing the work.

If you are planning to hire a licensed contractor in Covina, CA, and need more information, contact Cavalier Builders Inc today for free advice.

Our Office Services Covina, CA

The Cavalier Builders Inc. team is dedicated to providing its home renovation services in Covina, CA, and the surrounding areas. Covina, CA is known for its traditional Spanish-style architecture and its annual festival, the Covina Valley Strawberry Festival. It is als phone to the Covina Arboretum and Botanic Garden, which features a variety of beautiful plants and trees. 

Covina, CA is a great place to live and the Cavalier Builders Inc team is proud to provide its high-quality remodeling, renovation, and construction services to the local community. With our licensed contractors, Covina, CA homeowners can rest assured that their home renovation projects will be completed safely and efficiently. If you live in the Los Angeles, California, Area, you can visit our office in the Woodland Hills region. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Homeowners often ask questions about the importance of using a licensed contractor. Here are some of the questions we receive:

Why Would I Need A Licensed Contractor?

In California, it is unlawful to have an unlicensed contractor complete any work on your home valued at a combined total of $500 or more. This means that if an entire contract is $6,000.00 and you subcontract a company to fix your floors, they must also be licensed to complete the work because of the total cost.

How Do I Know If A Contractor Is Legally Licensed?

You can search any company you are inquiring about receiving services from by searching their license on the California Government Department of Consumer Affairs Contractors State License Board.

What Happens If I Use an Unlicensed Contractor For A Cheaper Price?

Using an Unlicensed Contractor could result in issues that cause you to pay more later. The risks associated with using them are that you won’t have a guarantee of the work being completed or have any protection towards the money you spend towards the renovation. If any damages happen during the process and you submit a claim through your homeowner’s insurance, they won’t help you if you use a company that is not licensed. 

What is the difference between licensed contractors and unlicensed contractors? 

Licensed contractors are qualified professionals who are required to pass a licensing exam and have gone through a background check. They are also required to carry insurance to protect both parties in the event of accidents or damages. Unlicensed contractors are not certified or insured, and are not held accountable for their work.

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