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The interest rates are still low, making it a great time to buy a new home. Because the market is so competitive right now, the home may not have all the features you desire. Cavalier Builders have experts standing by, ready to help you get your home remodel started. 

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What Does A Home Remodel Entail?

Whether you want to remodel your entire home or just a portion, we are here for you. We work with you every step of the process, from planning, budgeting, product selection, demolition, and into new construction. We walk you through each step of your vision to ensure we are on the same page with what is expected of us and what you wish for. 


Home remodels begin with planning and design selection. From there, demolition and cleaning create the blank canvas for new construction. Walls and door openings are partitioned off, so dust and debris do not spread throughout the home. In some cases, your home may still be able to be lived in during the new construction. It all depends on the extent of the project. A timeline is established so that everyone is on the same page.    


We are experts in room additions, kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations, interior and exterior painting, roofing, patio design, plastering, and so much more. Our company is a fully licensed and bonded remodeling contractor ready to work with you on your home remodel. 


FAQ About Kitchen Remodeling

What are the steps in a home renovation?

Home remodeling includes planning, budgeting, demolition, construction, and cleanup. Having a schedule of each step will help keep track of every project and see that it is completed in a timely manner.

How do you Build Your House?

You begin by setting up the foundation, making sure the ground is level and prepared for the concrete foundation or crawl frame. You then begin to build the framework of your home. After the frame is established, you start on the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work. After that, you complete the installation, drywall, and trims. Then you end with your driveway, porch, and sidewalk.


Home Remodeling in Woodland Hills, CA 

The beautiful green hillside of Woodland Hills is home to over 67,006 residents. We love serving this community with all their home remodeling needs, and surrounding areas. Located in the San Fernando Valley near the Santa Monica Mountains, Woodland Hills is known for its hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian rides. 

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Our experts at Cavalier Builders are here to help you get started with your home remodeling. We look forward to helping you through each process and have loved helping the residents of  Woodland Hills, CA, and surrounding cities since 1999. Give us a call today to schedule a free in-home estimate!


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