Home, Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling in Alhambra, CA

Home remodeling in Alhambra, CAWhen you need home remodeling in Alhambra, CA, look no further than Cavalier Builders, Inc. We work with residents in many California communities to complete their kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects. Our team will work with you to stay on budget and never miss the smallest details.

Remodeling Your Home

We understand that it can be stressful trying to figure out where to start when remodeling your home. You can trust us to help pick out the best styles for your home and stay on the budget set. When it comes to your home, bathroom, and kitchen projects, below are a few items per area to think of changing:

  • Home – room additions, roofing, patio install, windows, driveways
  • Bathroom – tub and shower, sinks, toilets, tiling
  • Kitchen – cabinets, appliances, pantry, lighting

Our staff of business professionals can provide you with a free estimate on your home, kitchen, or bathroom project quickly. Additionally, we are a fully licensed and bonded remodeling contractor company, so you can have true peace of mind knowing that the quality of work we provide will be nothing less than what you have paid for.

Home Remodeling in Alhambra

It is with great pleasure that we get to take care of our neighbors in Alhambra, California, with all their remodeling needs. Alhambra is located in Los Angeles County and is only 8 miles away from the city center in Downtown Los Angeles.

We would be thrilled to meet and welcome all the newer residents of the area. Once you’ve settled in, spend some time outdoors at one of the many parks in the area like the Alhambra or Almansor park. If you’d like to learn about the history of the city, you can start at the San Gabriel Mission.

To learn about local businesses in the area, head over to the Chamber of Commerce page. You can find a calendar of events and news on the Alhambra website. Cavalier Builders, Inc., also provides home remodeling services to the surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Remodels

Check out a few of our frequently asked questions below.

Is The Return On Investment For Renovations Worth It?

Yes! In general, renovations to homes are seen as a wise investment for a number of reasons. The first benefit of renovations is an improvement in the overall quality and condition of your house, which boosts your standard of living. Depending on your specific circumstances, certain improvements will offer a better return on investment than others. 

This is particularly true if you’re thinking of remodeling because you’re looking to sell your house. With the goal of increasing the selling price, this can be accomplished by updating key areas and appliances, particularly in the kitchen and bathrooms. Getting the most value for your money at every stage of the process is key to getting a solid return on investment.

Should I Expect Zoning Issues When Renovating My Home?

The regulations on how land can be developed within a specific region are covered by zoning laws. This may mean that structures cannot be too close to one another or taller than a specific height. There are a few zoning restrictions that may apply to you that might be slightly different between regions. While your local government is unlikely to object if you modify your bathroom in most cases, they might need to know in advance if you want to add another story to your home or are planning to add an addition. Regulations regarding how close a home can be to the street, for instance, are sometimes included in zoning regulations. 

It is necessary to thoroughly investigate and plan for regulations like these in advance. A building permit can be necessary, and this process might be time-consuming. This is even more important if your residence meets the criteria to be considered a historical, cultural, or ethnically significant site, in which case zoning regulations may protect both the inside and outside of your property from being developed or changed.

Do I Or The Contractor Need Insurance?

When planning a home remodel or renovation, this is one of the most crucial questions to take into consideration. For this reason, the response can often be “both.” You might need to notify your insurance provider that you are performing renovations. However, this will depend on the scope of your renovations and your particular insurance carrier. Even if you are not technically required, it could still be a smart move. This may enable your insurance company to effectively extend coverage for a home with a new addition or to pay for items like new appliances.

The contractor should have insurance of their own in addition to yours. Any qualified contractor should have liability, workers’ compensation, and property insurance, as well as documentation for each. Any subcontractors the general contractor utilizes should have these insurances in place, as well.

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