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Cavalier Builders loves helping the residents of beautiful Thousand Oaks, California. Thousand Oaks is familiar with remodels and upgrades as the city has seen extensive development in the last decade. New homes and customized design are experiences we value and look forward to working with our clients on. 

Bathroom RemodelingBathroom redesigns can get complicated as you factor in design features, fixtures, and supply availability. By allowing us to work on your behalf we can navigate through all the issues if they arise so you don’t have to stress over them. We can help you achieve the bathroom remodel you love.  Our experts understand the complexities of each project and know what it takes to get a great job done. Below are some common problems some people run into when redesigning their bathrooms. 

Uneven Floors and Walls

Even in the finest homes, it can be very common to find floors or walls that are uneven. You notice this when placing the new tile on the floors or adding design features to the walls. This is also very evident when installing new doors in door frames. This frustrating issue can often be accommodated with subtle tweaks. Floor leveling material can help resolve an uneven floor. Most of the time you are able to cut or shave a door to give it a better fit and many decorative features can be tilted to give a more centered look. 

Plumbing That Needs Replacing

Plumbing issues are the number one reason for bathroom remodel delays. These surprises can create a great deal of frustration and money.  You may find things like corroded cast iron or galvanized drains. Copper water supply lines may also present a problem if they have corroded joints. Replacing these with easy-to-use PEX piping with “push-fit” connections may serve as an excellent replacement option.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring is another common and frustrating issue found during a renovation. Electrical wiring should be addressed by a professionally trained electrician. Bad wiring can create a fire hazard which would comprise the safety of everyone in your home. When remodeling your bathroom it is a great idea to upgrade the outlets, switches, and wiring. Over time these features age and they may have possibly been the original electrical features in the home.  

FAQ Section 

How to avoid problems during a bathroom remodel?

It is a great idea to educate yourself on the common problems experienced during a bathroom model. By reading this article you are now able to identify three. By educating yourself on the common problems you will experience less shock if these issues are present in your home. You will also have a better idea of how to address them and when to contact a professional to fix the issues.  

What to do with tub drain after remodel?

After you have demolished or removed your tub it’s important to plug the drain if you are not installing a new tub immediately. Leaving the drain open can leave your home susceptible to sewer gases. You can simply stuff a towel in the drain to block the airflow. 

We Can Help With Your Bathroom Remodel in Thousand Oaks, CA

Cavalier Builders are here to help you with all your renovation issues. We understand the experience and expertise necessary to navigate through issues that arise. Cavalier Builders services all residents in Thousand Oaks, CA, and surrounding areas. Please call our office today for an estimate.

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