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Is a bathroom remodel in your future? A bathroom renovation is a great way to change up the space in your home. Your family spends a lot of time in the bathroom and creating a fresh new space will make your home feel more vibrant. Let Cavalier Builders help you with any remodeling needs you may have. We love helping the residents of Simi Valley, CA make their renovation teams come true. Before starting your renovation project there are some things you should avoid when building your bathroom design. 

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Avoid Spacing Your Fixtures Too Close To One Another 

It is crucial to measure all fixtures out to the proper height and spacing measurement. Everything may look like it fits perfectly in your space but it is important to test out every area to make sure you have enough space to move around comfortably. Testing out each space before installation will allow you to troubleshoot any spacing issues. You want to avoid having your toilet too close to the door so when you sit down your knees don’t touch the door. You also want to avoid being too close to your sink or bathtub. 

Spatial issues occur all too often in bathroom remodels. To avoid this make sure you also consider not spacing things out too far away from each other. You want to create a comfortable flow throughout your bathroom. Having to walk all the way across your bathroom to dry your hands will become very agitating when you are dripping water all over your bathroom to dry your hands. 

Avoid Using Material That Is Not Designed For Bathrooms 

When remodeling a bathroom it is important to remember that the materials need to be able to withstand high levels of humidity. Back-to-back showers can make even the most durable wallpaper pucker. The floors will also get wet at some point in time so choosing flooring that can withstand water is crucial.  of the sink, toilet, and shower, bathrooms deal with more moisture than any other room in the house. Humidity also attracts mold so choosing materials that won’t mold over time are a must. Bathroom cleaning products have the ability to create a great deal of damage over time. Being mindful of this will help you to avoid porous material and things that are likely to attract mold. 

Avoid Using Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is very common features homeowners use in a remodel. However, using recessed lighting in a bathroom can cause shadowing in areas you may not want. The bathroom is the place where most people get ready for the day and shadowed lighting makes it difficult to see yourself properly. When choosing your lighting it’s always best to select brighter lights by the mirror. A dimly lit bathroom sounds relaxing but if you really need to see what you are doing you don’t want to have to navigate through the shadows.

FAQ Section 

Do and don’ts for the bathroom?

There are many things to take into consideration when remodeling your bathroom. Cavalier Builders can help you create the space you want with the right functionality in mind. Along with the above things to avoid you do want to opt for more storage in your bathroom. Storage is always an important feature in any room. Don’t go with bright or trendy colors. Neutral colors seem to stand the test of time. Do consider your budget but investing in higher-end lighting will really make the bathroom pop. 

When remodeling a bathroom What comes first?

Demolition is always the first step to any bathroom remodel project. Creating a blank clean canvas is a great starting place to begin your renovation. 

How do you survive a bathroom renovation?

Having a plan in place while your bathroom renovation is underway can save you a great deal of stress. Using dry shampoos and baby wipes can get you through for a day or so. Having an alternative area where you can shower would make things much easier if possible. Cavalier Builders always set the home up to make it livable during construction if possible. By keeping the area clean and sectioning off the home with barriers will keep unnecessary debris and dust from settling throughout your home. 

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