Bathroom Remodeling in Malibu, CA 90263

If you live in Malibu, CA, you can rely on the team of professionals at Cavalier Builders to help you transform your bathroom into the perfect place for you. Our team has been helping the people of this area for over a decade and is a family-owned location. We are sure you will love the results we leave you with. 

Our ServicesBathroom Remodeling in Malibu, CA 90263

Cavalier Builders has been in business for many years and knows what the people of the Los Angeles area are looking for in a general contractor. We want to provide high-quality services to our customers and make sure they are completely satisfied with the services we provide. 

The way we make that happen is through hiring the best general contractors we can. They are all licensed, bonded, and insured professionals. Some of the many ways we can help you remodel your bathroom are:

  • Layout And Design
  • Demolition and Construction
  • Installation and Purchasing
  • Electrical and Plumbing
  • And So Much More

We Can Help You In Malibu, CA

Malibu is a very well-known city in California, whether you live here or not. It is a popular spot for famous individuals to live and visit from time to time. There are beautiful beaches to spend time at and plenty of beautiful scenery to take in. 

This great city is part of Los Angeles County and has a population of over 10 million residents. We work with people in Malibu, and surrounding areas, to help them make their bathroom remodeling dreams come true. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Cavalier Builders is always happy to talk with our customers about their questions and concerns. If you have information you need before you get started on your bathroom remodel, feel free to contact us at any time. We will do our best to provide you with the information you need. Here are a couple of commonly asked questions we receive at our business. 

What Is The Average Cost of A Bathroom Remodel?

The cost of a bathroom remodel will vary depending on many different factors. A bathroom of the same size can cost people completely different amounts, because it depends on what you are doing. The average cost of a full bathroom remodel is around $6,000, or more. 

What Is The Best Way To Upgrade My Bathroom?

There are many great things you can do to upgrade your bathroom, such as:

  • Paint The Vanity
  • Install a Shower or Tub
  • Tile Work
  • Change The Fixtures
  • Paint The Walls
  • Change Hardware Out
  • And So Much More

Cavalier Builders Can Help You

Cavalier Builders would love to help you with your upcoming remodeling. You can visit us online or give us a call. There is a form you can fill out on our website to receive a free quote for your services. We look forward to talking with you in the near future.

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