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Are you contemplating whether you want to proceed with a bathroom remodel or not? Lumber prices, as well as the cost of fixtures and other materials, have increased significantly in the last two years. Prices for renovations can cost so much more than they did 5 years ago. Hassling with hirer prices and low availability can become frustrating tasks. Allow our professionals at Cavalier Builders to help you with your bathroom renovation plans. We can help you research what is possible and help do it within your budget. 

How To Remodel Your Bathroom and Stay Within Your Budget?

Bathroom renovations can become very expensive really quickly. Having a budget and staying within the parameters of that budget is doable with proper research and planning. Here are four things to consider when setting up your bathroom remodel budget:


What Are Your Capabilities

Before starting your budget it’s important to be realistic about your own capabilities. There are a lot of things that can go right in a bathroom remodel and even more things that can go wrong. Do-it-yourself bathroom remodels can be carried out quite successfully if you have the skill and know-how. Factor in what installations you will be able to do yourself or have the help to do it. This will cut costs greatly since labor is a huge expense when remodeling a bathroom. 

Do Your Research

Finding your favorite soaking tub or vanity may become more difficult because of supply chain issues and workforce demands. The costs of certain materials may have also increased the price of certain items. Doing your research to make sure items are within your budget and available are two important things to consider. Contractors also often charge a commission on items they find for you so you can save some money if you find your own items.

Allocate a Set Percentage of Your Budget as Necessary

The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommended putting a percentage of your money in the following areas: 

  1. Design – 4%
  2. Labor – 20%
  3. Flooring – 9%
  4. Walls & Ceilings – 5%
  5. Doors & Windows – 4%
  6. Faucets & Plumbing – 14%
  7. Countertops – 7%
  8. Cabinetry & Hardware – 16%
  9. Fixtures – 15%
  10. Lighting & ventilation – 5%
  11. Other – 1%

Plan for the Unexpected

With any remodeling project, there are always unexpected events that can occur. Whether something underneath or behind a fixture needs replacing or you run into a problem, unexpected situations can become costly. Anticipating the unexpected in your budget will not allow these hiccups to become more painful than necessary. 

FAQ Section 

How do you redo a bathroom without spending a lot of money?

By doing your own research and staying on a budget you can create a beautiful new space without spending a lot of money. 

How do I budget my bathroom renovation?

There are several ways to budget when renovating your bathroom. Doing some of the work will save you money and finding your own fixtures will save you money on commission. Creating a realistic budget and timeline so that you understand how much things cost will help you understand how to form the rest of your budget. Keeping your fixtures in their place will save you money not having to relocate plumbing. Many times you can cut costs by researching similar pieces that are not as expensive

Let Us Help You Today With Your Bathroom Remodel in Los Angeles, CA

Planning is an essential part of a bathroom remodel. When finalizing your budget it’s important to do as much research as possible to allow for informed decisions during the remodeling process. Allow our professionals at Cavalier Builders to help you with your next bathroom renovation project. We know how to keep things running smoothly and help you stick to your budget. Renovations can become frustrating fast but with the right planning and right team, you can get the bathroom of your dreams. We love to serve all residents in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Call us today for an estimate.

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