Bathroom Remodeling in Arcadia, CA 91006

Bathroom remodels are a fun way to make some changes in your home. If you live in Arcadia, CA, and need a general contractor, Cavalier Builders is the one to call. Working with Cavalier Builders ensures high-quality work and the latest trends in bathroom remodeling, ensuring you get the most out of your remodel. We can help you make the dreams and desires come to life that you have for your bathroom. 

Cavalier Builders Bathroom RemodelingBathroom Remodeling in Arcadia

Cavalier Builders is a reputable company in the Woodland Hills, CA area. We have helped many homeowners over the years revamp their bathrooms. Our contractors are all trained, educated, licensed, and capable of providing you with excellent work. 

When it comes to choosing a company, doing your research is essential. You wouldn’t want to hire someone to do a job and be left unsatisfied. Our team can provide you with a wide variety of services, such as: 

  • Planning, Designing, and Strategizing The Design Of The Bathroom
  • All Demolition of The Old Bathroom
  • Ordering All Needed Materials and Supplies
  • Installation of Countertops
  • Installation of Framed/Flat Mirrors
  • Lay Flooring
  • Tile Work
  • All Patch Work
  • Installation of New Tub
  • Installation of New Shower
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions that you would like to ask us about our services? We love talking with our customers and providing them with all the information they need. Here are a couple of the commonly requested bathroom remodeling questions that we get. 

Is Subway Tile Still In Style?

Subway tile is still a trendy choice that many people make for their homes. There is a little bit of variation beginning in the size and color that’s chosen. Instead of mainly white, the dimensions and colors are becoming broader. 

What Is The Average Cost For A Small Bathroom Remodel?

Costs vary from project to project. A small bathroom remodel can begin at $5,000 and cost up to $10,000 or more. If you are looking for an idea of the amount of money you will need for a remodel, call Cavalier Builders for more information. 

What Do I Need To Know Before Remodeling My Bathroom?

Here are a few things that would be good for you to consider before beginning a remodeling project. For example:

  • What You Want To Do
  • A Budget In Mind
  • The Dimensions You Are Working With

What Kind of Materials Should I Use For My Bathroom Remodel? 

The materials you choose for your bathroom remodel will depend on the overall style and design you are going for. Common materials used in bathroom remodels include tile, stone, marble, granite, wood, and more.

How Long Does It Take To Remodel A Bathroom? 

The time it takes to remodel a bathroom can vary depending on the size of the bathroom, the complexity of the project, and the materials you choose. Generally, it can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks for a small bathroom remodel, and up to 8-10 weeks for a larger bathroom remodel.

Cavalier Builders Works In Arcadia, CA

In Los Angeles County, there is a beautiful city called Arcadia. Arcadia, CA is a vibrant city with plenty to see and do. There are a variety of attractions, including the Santa Anita Race Track, the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden, and the Pacific Asia Museum. There are also plenty of outdoor activities, such as hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains, golfing at the Arcadia Golf Course, and biking along the Santa Anita Canyon Trail.

We provide these wonderful residents with the bathroom remodeling services they need with great pleasure. It is a suburb of Los Angeles and has a population of around 58,000 residents. We love working with the community we live in, but it is also an honor to be the trusted general contractor the surrounding communities trust. 

Let Cavalier Builders Help You

Cavalier Builders is in Woodland Hills, CA. If you are ready to begin the remodeling process in your home, give us a call today. With Cavalier Builders, you can trust that you will be getting quality services from experienced professionals. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you remodel your bathroom. We can provide you with the information you need to start the project. We can provide you with the information you need to start the project.

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