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Ready to really make your home your own? Tired of the cookie-cutter look and ready to truly express yourself? If you are in the Burbank, CA area, Cavalier Builders can assist! Our team is highly trained with over 20 years of experience and an extensive portfolio to prove it! Stop living in a bland home that does not express who you really are and get started creating the home of your dreams!

Our Contractors Specialize in Home Remodels

Our home remodel services include everything from kitchen remodeling to bathroom remodeling, and from adding an extra room to making repairs. Whether you are looking for a complete renovation or just some minor changes, we have the knowledge and experience to help you create the home of your dreams. When you choose to work with our team we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction!

We Serve The Burbank Area

Are you located near Burbank, CA, or its surrounding areas? If the answer is yes, then you are close to our office! Our team loves meeting clients face-to-face, to really get to know them and their projects desires. Visit us and discuss any upcoming or ongoing home remodel projects and we can discuss what services we provide that would best suit your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Remodels

Have questions or concerns about your upcoming project? Check out our most frequently asked questions about home remodels to get some peace of mind.

What Adds The Most Value To Your Home? 

Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms are the two most popular remodels that add the most value to your home. Upgrading outdated appliances, adding more storage, and updating the look and feel of the space can all add tremendous value to your home.

Should I Renovate Or Remodel My Home? 

Renovating and remodeling can both be great options for increasing the value of your home, but it really depends on your individual situation. If you are looking to upgrade an outdated appliance or quickly change the look and feel of a space, then renovating is a great option. If you need more storage or want to completely transform the space, then remodeling is the way to go.

What Does A Full Bathroom Remodel Entail? 

A full bathroom remodel can include changing the layout, replacing fixtures and appliances, installing new flooring, adding additional storage, and painting the walls. Depending on your budget and the project scope, it can also include larger renovations such as expanding the space, adding a window, or installing a new shower or tub.

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