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When you are in need of a general contractor in Torrance, CA, for home remodeling, look no further than Cavalier Builders. The staff is trained and qualified to supply you with a wide range of services. Based in Woodland Hills, CA, we have been in business for many years. We will work with you on your project until you are satisfied with the end results. 

What We Can Offer You General Contractor in Torrance, CA

Cavalier Builders wants to serve you with as many of the services that you will need to remodel, add, or renovate your home. From kitchen remodeling to flooring, having one business that can handle all of your projects can ensure a better end result. The services that we can provide to you are:

  • Roofing Repairs – Professional roofing repairs can help to ensure the longevity of your roof, protecting your home from further damage and reducing the need for costly repairs in the future. 
  • Painting Services – Professional painting services can provide a high-quality finish that will make your home look better and last longer than if you were to paint it yourself. 
  • Concrete Driveway Work – Professional concrete driveway work ensures a durable finish that will last for several years, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements in the future. 
  • Concrete Patio Construction Professional concrete patio construction can provide a safe and level surface that will last for many years. It can also be customized to match the unique style of your home and can be built to fit your specific needs. 
  • Bathroom Remodels and Walk-In tub installations – Professional bathroom remodels and walk-in tub installations can provide a stylish and comfortable space for you to relax and enjoy. They can also help to improve the safety and functionality of the bathroom, making it easier and more enjoyable to use. 
  • Flooring Needs – Professional flooring services can provide a high-quality finish that is durable and easy to maintain, making it a great long-term investment. 
  • Patio and Decking – Professional patio and decking services can help to create a comfortable outdoor space for entertaining guests or simply relaxing, while also adding value to the home. 
  • Room Additions – Room additions can provide extra living space, allowing homeowners to create a larger living area, a dedicated home office, or a separate guest room. 
  • Kitchens Remodeling and Renovations – Kitchen remodels and renovations can help to improve the functionality and aesthetic of the kitchen, creating a more enjoyable space for cooking and entertaining. Additionally, these renovations can potentially increase the value of the home.

Our construction projects may be able to help raise your property value. Our experienced contractors are ready to help.

General Contractor in Torrance, CA

The beautiful scenery that you can view on the beaches in Torrance, CA is breathtaking. Torrance is located in the South Bay Region and has a lot to offer. As of 2018, this city had a little over 145,000 people. The California Museum of Fine Art is a wonderful place to take a relaxing walk around. If you are looking for something a bit more exciting you can take a bike ride down the Strand bike Trail. Cavalier Builders loves serving in this great city. 

Frequently Asked Questions About General Contractors 

Welcome to Cavalier Builders’ FAQ section! Here you will find answers to many of your questions regarding our services. 

What services do general contractors provide? 

General contractors provide a range of services, from construction projects such as room additions and bathroom remodels to smaller jobs such as flooring and kitchen remodeling. 

What is the process for hiring a general contractor?

The process for hiring a general contractor typically begins with contacting them for a consultation. During this consultation, you can discuss the scope of your project and the details of your budget. The contractor will then provide an estimate and timeline for the job. 

What qualifications and certifications should I look for in a general contractor? 

When hiring a general contractor, it is imperative to ensure that they are licensed and insured. It is also recommended to ask if they have experience with the specific project you are looking to complete. 

How long does a typical construction project take? 

The timeline for a typical construction project varies depending on the size and scope of the job. In general, a project can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. 

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Whether it’s bathroom remodeling, a room addition, or roof repairs, the staff at Cavalier Builders can’t wait to speak with you about your next project. If you have any questions or concerns we would be happy to answer them for you. Woodland Hills, CA is just a short distance from Torrance, CA. We are proud to offer our general contractors in Torrance and the surrounding communities. Contact us today to get a start on your remodeling or renovating needs. 


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