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When you are looking for a general contractor in Carson, CA 90220, it can be hard to know where to go to meet your needs. Whether you are looking or interior or exterior renovations, Cavalier Builders is can help. With our skilled and professionally licensed contractors, you can be sure all your work is right the first time.

General Contractor in Carson CA 90220Contractors in Carson

At Cavalier Builders, we offer many services. Kitchen and bathroom renovations can be a substantial investment that can provide a significant increase in your property value. A full kitchen renovation has an average 60 percent return on investment, and bathrooms can have a profit of 67%. Our painting and flooring services can breathe new life into any home. Whether you are looking to upgrade or in need of repair, our roofing services can meet your needs. Our other outdoor services are of the highest caliber and can increase the curb appeal of your home. With over 20 years of experience, we can meet any needs that a homeowner may have. 

Services for all your Renovation Needs

We proudly serve all our clients in Carson, California. This beautiful city, located just 13 miles south of Los Angeles, is the newest municipality accepted into the South Bay region of Metropolitan Los Angeles. When you are not too busy sightseeing and looking out for celebrities, Carson is the perfect place to catch a game at the StubHub stadium. The city is also home to many museums, national parks, breweries, and nightlife. 

Cavalier Builders, Inc., is proud to provide general contractor services to the surrounding communities as well.

Commonly Asked Questions 

Check out the a few our of commonly asked questions below.

Is The Return On Investment For Renovations Good?

In general, home improvements are seen as a wise investment for a number of reasons. The first benefit of renovations is an improvement in the overall condition and appearance of your home, which raises your standard of living. A new roof, for example, will shield your home from the weather and your family and belongings from harm. 

Depending on your individual situation, some remodeling projects will provide a better return on investment than others. This is particularly true if you’re thinking of making improvements to the home in order to sell it. The kitchen and bathrooms, two spaces that are particularly important for this, would benefit greatly from an update. 

What Zoning Issues Might I Expect During My Renovation?

The restrictions on land development within a certain region are covered by zoning rules. This can occasionally mean that structures cannot be too near to one another or taller than a specific height. Zoning regulations vary between municipalities, some of which may apply to you. Although your local government won’t usually stress if you rebuild your bathroom, they might need to know in advance if you want to build an extension or another story.

Such regulations must be thoroughly investigated and planned for in advance. Building permission may be required, which may take some time. This is particularly crucial if your house meets the criteria to be considered a historical, cultural, or ethnically significant site, in which case zoning regulations may safeguard both the inside and outside of your property.

Will A Renovation Create A Mess Around My Property?

Being worried about the mess a remodeling project can make around your residence is normal, and it’s a valid concern that comes up regularly when people ask about home improvement. It is reasonable to worry about contractors and renovations because you are investing a large sum of money in your property. 

However, reputable builders, like Cavalier Builders, will have an extensive cleaning process in place to guarantee that your property remains in good shape and free of unnecessary mess. Additionally, this should be included in their contract, along with the kinds of equipment they could use to move materials and maintain a clean area. Ask to have it added in if it isn’t already there.

What Equipment Can I Expect To See Around My Property?

Since they must pay to use and maintain the equipment, contractors won’t employ big vehicles and equipment unless they really need to. Typically, powerful ground-engaging tools, backhoes, and similar machinery are only required for substantial restorations, such as those needing groundwork.

The operation of this specialized equipment is only performed by licensed contractors who have received the necessary training. No longer than is absolutely required will they leave it on your property. If they have rented them, this is especially true. However, you can always do some research on the vehicles and equipment if you have any equipment concerns so that you are aware of what you are agreeing to.

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