Garage Conversion and Remodel in Newbury Park, CA

Do you need more space in your home, but can’t make it work? If you have a garage it could be the answer to your problems. Garage conversions are a more budget-friendly option for adding additional space to your home. Cavalier Builders in Woodland Hills, CA, has assisted many residents in Los Angeles with this type of project.  

Cavalier Builders Can Help With Garage Conversions

A garage conversion requires some paperwork and permits in order to be approved. Most of the time this is a simple process that you have to obtain. Once you have the right documents, the garage conversion can begin. 

Cavalier Builders is a family-owned and operated company that can give you the results that you are looking for. Some things to consider before you begin are installing plumbing, electrical, flooring, and heating/air. A few ideas of what you can do with this type of space are:

  • Theater Room
  • Art Studio
  • Home Office
  • Craft Room 
  • Game Room 
  • And More

Newbury Park, CA is Amazing

Newbury is located in Ventura County and has a population of over 37,000 residents. You can enjoy a lot of different nature and outdoor activities here. Some of the many things to enjoy in Newbury are Hill Canyon Trail and Rosewood Trailhead.

If you love to visit the beach and hang out, you can take a short drive and be there. Cavalier Builders is always happy to provide services in this town. Woodland Hills is only about 25 minutes apart. 

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If you are ready to begin the process of converting your garage into a great space, call today. Cavalier Builders is located in Woodland Hills, CA, and would love to help you in Newbury Park, and surrounding communities. Call today to get additional information.

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