Garage Conversion and Remodel in Agoura Hills, CA 91301

If you live in Agoura Hills, CA, and have been searching for someone to convert your garage, look no further than Cavalier Builders. They are a reputable and well-known company in Woodland Hills, CA. They have general contractors that can help you with a wide variety of construction projects you need and want to do. You will definitely be pleased with the results that you get. Give us a call now.

How We Can Serve You

One of the most important things to make sure of when hiring a general contractor is to make sure they are licensed, bonded, and insured. You can count on all the credentials that are needed when you hire someone from Cavalier Builders. We want to give you the confidence you need in our company. Some of the many services that our general contractors can do for you are:

  • Adding On Rooms To Your Home
  • Garage Builds, Repairs, and Renovations
  • Kitchen Upgrades, Remodels, and Repairs
  • Bathroom Renovations and Walk-In Tub Installations
  • Outdoor Living Space Builds and Outdoor Kitchens
  • Concrete or Brick Driveways and Walkways
  • Painting Your Home

Contact us today for a complete overview of our services or a free in-home design consultation and estimate! A garage conversion is an excellent opportunity for you to repurpose your garage and expand on the livable space within your home.

Commonly Asked Questions About Garage Remodels And Conversions

Before you begin converting your garage, we would like to help you by answering some of the more commonly asked questions other homeowners have. 

What is the average cost of a garage conversion?

The typical price range for a complete garage conversion is $6,000 to $19,000. However, this is only a rough estimate and should not be considered an accurate depiction of what every homeowner might expect when converting their garage.  The size of the garage, the quality of the materials, the scope of the makeover, and whether you decide to do the job yourself or involve a qualified contractor are just a few of the variables that might impact the cost of a project such as this. 

At Cavalier Builders, we provide our clients with a hassle-free in-home design consultation and a fair price estimate. We only provide honest and beneficial suggestions for your home and skilled and licensed workers to complete it. For your free estimate and consultation, contact us today. 

How long does it typically take to convert a garage?

The garage’s size, the project’s complexity, and the level of expertise and skill that the builder has all affect how long a garage conversion takes to finish. A simple conversion by a skilled contractor may be finished in as little as a few weeks. However, it will probably take several months to completely transform a garage into a usable room with proper plumbing, insulation, and adequate electricity.

It is best to let professionals handle jobs like this that require high levels of skill and knowledge. This ensures that your home and conversion are protected from shoddy work and any mishaps that might occur along the way or after the project has been completed. At Cavalier Builders, our builders are fully licensed and insured, which means you get the results you pay for and have peace of mind throughout the project and after completion.

Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Agoura Hills, CA is a beautiful city located in Los Angeles County, with a population of a little more than 20,000 people. There are gorgeous state parks to explore and enjoy when you are here. It is actually known to be one of the best places to live in California. You have a wide variety of restaurants and shopping to take part in. If you have kids, they have exceptionally good school systems. 

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Why wait any longer to begin the garage conversions you are wanting? If you live in a neighboring community of Woodland Hills such as Baldwin Park or Kagel Canyon, call us today and see what we can do for you. Our staff will help you in any way that they can. Our friendly staff would be more than happy to help you today.

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