Kitchen Remodeling for Efficient Use of Your Space

It is safe to assume that when we decide to remodel our kitchen that we do so to make it look better.  Aesthetics oftentimes take the front seat in the design of space, but when considering a space that is so very active, looking at function before form can be incredibly beneficial. You’ve likely been cooking, helping with homework, and doing dishes in this room for a long time now—so naturally, you’ll want to organize the space in a way that is familiar to you. Is that organization really the most efficient use of your space, however? It is possible that the layout is incredibly effective, but evaluating the design is a great start to a successful kitchen remodeling project.

Does your kitchen fit your triangle?

You may not have heard the term “work triangle” in reference to kitchen design, but it is a very simple concept. The work triangle is the connection of your fridge, to your workspace or sink, and your actual cooking space (usually the stove). This is the basic principle that underlies the design of most kitchens—because it makes sense! It only makes sense, however, if your actual workflow in the kitchen follows this pattern. Not every person or family is created equally, however, and the organization of your kitchen should follow your patterns, or those that you find to be most efficient. How easy is it for you to navigate from refrigerator to a sink or a countertop? Would it be more efficient for an island to be present for food prep closer to the cook space? Again, it’s certain that you have your own patterns established, but examine them. You get to dictate your kitchen remodeling project, and your space should fit your needs—ergonomically and otherwise.

Are your tools organized effectively?

Storage space is an important element of any kitchen remodeling job. Do you have enough of it, or perhaps too much of it? Would your kitchen be more efficient if you had more of your tools at arm’s length, easy to use? Having adequate storage space close to food preparation areas and cook space is a great way to reduce the number of steps you need to take while in the midst of using that space. This could be as simple as hanging a spice rack near the stove, or as involved as organizing your cabinetry around different functions of the space. Utensil or tool holders on the countertop are fantastic, but there must be counter space to provide this efficiency. Take a step back the next time you are cooking or otherwise utilizing the space in your kitchen. Take note of what frustrations you encounter, and how you could make life easier or more streamlined with alterations in the organization of your tools within the space.

Sky is the limit when it comes to your home remodeling project, so make sure you do what works for you! Happy remodeling!

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